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  1. You'll likely find that doing both front and rear will mean that the car handles exactly as it does now, just stiffer. If you want it to handle better, just do the rear and leave the front alone.
  2. Hey Guys, Reviving an old thread I know, but can anyone confirm if these units will fit a Grande? I'm looking at a 2012-2013 Grande for the Mrs and need to know if I can replace the outdated factory system with something more up to date without having to use one of those ugly fascia kits. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, JC
  3. As the title suggests, I have an Eclipse Reversing Camera for sale. This was previously installed in my Mitsubishi Triton, but given that I now drive a 2 door hatchback, I couldn't justify going to the trouble of installing it. Included in sale are: - The Camera & Mounting Bracket - All associated wiring (including video cable)- The wiring is literally long enough to fit anything short of a school bus in length, even in a dual cab long tray ute there was plenty of slack that was taped up. - Control Box This will connect to any head unit that has a spare video input. I used it with my
  4. The manual lists it as suitable for every variant of the ZZE122 and ZZE123 (finally found a friend to translate . . . thanks google). I will be in touch, still happy to let you test it as I mentioned.
  5. I'm all over them mate, already getting my hands on some parts. Looks like my car will be sold shortly. Looking for a set of G-Games for the new one . . . know of any sets lying around?
  6. Yeah I figured as much Prozak, Im actually surprised it escaped with as many of the bits on it as it did.
  7. Ok, I've done some digging photo wise, and I put that system on in May 2007, so it probably did more like 50-60k before you got your hands on it. It was second hand when I got it, so it has definitely done some k's. As I mentioned, the muffler was replaced at or around 90-100k so depending on what is actually making the noise . . . my guess (and its nothing more than a guess based on the age of the system) is that it would be the resonator, that thing has definitely been around the block. I can't find a thing receipt wise, Im pretty sure everything was turfed once I sold the car. Edit: Apologi
  8. Dude, there was a CES intake on your car when I sold it? I get the feeling someone at the dealer you bought it from may have made it their own . . .
  9. The rear muffler on your system was replaced at about 100k, depending on how many k's you have done since, it might be worth having a chat with Trev to see what he can do. Im happy to have a dig around for the receipts and scan them to you if I still have them. The system it self would have done at least 30,000k before you got your hands on it, but the rear section was brand new (or pretty close to) when I sold it. It was done at the same time I had CES do the headers.
  10. I heard if you rub your tummy and pat your head whilst you install it, the noises go away?
  11. I reckon JC is looking at Corollas that already have tail lights in them . . .
  12. Hi Guys and Girls, As the topic suggests, Im looking for a well maintained 05 (facelift) sportivo. Would prefer White, but will consider Black. Don't really mind if it's stock or modified. Low k's would obviously be a bonus. If anyone knows of any around or anyone considering selling please let me know. Cheers JC
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  14. Very Very similar in fact . . . . Glad to see it finally found a good home with another enthusiast. I will be watching this thread closely. Re: Upgrading the braking system, last time I saw it there were slotted rotors all round, QFM HPX pads and race fluid, so unless they fell off somewhere along the way, I would leave the braking system as is. Your headers are the stock items ported by CES, Your exhaust is also CES. The cruise control isn't stock (but Donna has already told you about that no doubt). The springs are whiteline and shocks are Koni (the adjuster should be in the centre console,

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