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  1. yeah was thinking some thin fibreglass or perspex. ill figure something out. thanks anyway
  2. i removed them because, combined with my lift angle, they make a terrible blind spot on my drivers side when approaching roundabouts and crosswalks. so, instead, i have installed land cruiser style backet-mount mirrors that are much easier to see past.
  3. I removed the stock mirrors from my '05 hilux but am struggling to find the blanking trim pieces to cover the triangular holes in the door frame. does anyone have a solution/has anyone done this before on the '05+ models? ive seen it alot on the pre '05.
  4. Sorry but what do you mean by u/s? Well the pump and primer have done close to 300,000km's. Mechanics thought it might be solved by an injector service but I just can't afford that at the moment. Do you think maybe installing a new fuel pump and primer might fix it?
  5. I would be chopping out all three (red, yellow, black) and running new cables for all three. The problem is more than likely somewhere that the previous owner had run a dodgy cable that's going to ground. The black is ground and of the red and yellow, one is ignition 12v+ and one is memory +. If you trace them one at a time you should be able to replace pretty easily. Maybe bump up the cable size also. The ignition wire will go to a bus/fuse block of some kind that runs of ignition, and the memory will go to a permanent supply bus/fuse block. Same place your clock power will come from. Sorry
  6. hey there, i have some reoccurring start issues when im parked facing uphill, or when i havnt starter her for a day or so. all signs point to a fuel-flow issue. for example, if i manually prime the fuel pump prior to starting, i dont have this issue. but manually priming the pump before starting up every morning just isnt practical. i was considering installing a switch on the dash to act as an electronic primer. the switch would just temporarily put power to the fuel pump circuit before start up. but im a little worried about other issues i could create by doing so. has anybody else had this
  7. Hi, somebody answered my question for me on another blog. They said the following: "It's normal - the variable vane solenoid checks itself and its movement range with engine off but ignition on". Look into this type of solenoid and it will explain everything. But basically, it's normal.
  8. Thank you very much! That's interesting. I don't know anything about how these turbos work, is there anything else you can tell me to clarify?
  9. Hi there, The turbo in my hilux makes a loud clicking noise when the ignition is switched 'on'. It's not noticeable once the engine has been started. I was wondering if anybody else has encountered this issue, and if its something that needs to be fixed? Besides this, the car runs perfectly! My thoughts on initial inspection are that there could be an intermittent signal coming from one of the exhaust sensors maybe? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi there, I have the exact same problem with my '06 hilux. Did you ever resolve this problem, and what was the outcome? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It sounds to me like an intermittent electrical connection from one of the exhaust sensors...?

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