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  1. I have a 2004 Prado Grande with 170,000 on the clock which Ive had since new. The vehicle does not go off road is serviced regularly, and to date has run pretty much faultlessly. Last week as it was started in the morning and put into gear something failed - sound of little men with hammers, beating metal. Seems to be coming from the front of the vehicle? With gearbox in D the noise is there, in N it goes away. So obviously something has broken as the noise is only there when the driveshaft or gearbox is turning. It drives fine and changes gear fine, except for the noise. I had to drive it a few Km to the local auto transmission repair shop. He has a quick look at it and all the drive shafts and universals seem ok. Said the oil in the transmission is looking dark? He will take it apart in the next few days and then give me a quote - I have horrific visions of what he will say and the associated cost? Not a lot of info yet, but anyone got any ideas or thoughts. If required is a new gearbox from a breakers yard an option? Any input more than welcome at this stage. Thanks Peter