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  1. Hey man parted a lot out.




    mirroe lights

    are gone

    still has

    custom paint. Opticoat.headlights,rear lights, headliner, custom stainless exhaust. Hydrodipped interior! Intake, strut bar. A few more.

    was gonna put it up for 17

    will do 16 for you

    1. blakzr6


      No worries wil b in adelaide on friday pm me ya ph..

  2. Hey man, 

    interested in your aurion as is.. stil  in one piece?

    or stil got coils/rims

    hit us up with a pm if its stil for sale..

    my car should be sold next tues got a guy coming to get it.




  3. Well this s it. I am now parting out a few things from the car then selling to fund an import. Not sure what yet but I'm in no rush mark X premium L 184 crown athlete 204 crown so was great to be apart of AJD 2016 and what a way to send of the car than an event as good as this one. some pics of her from the day. Enjoy this 808 was insane rx3 front. Fully engineered 13b. Loved it
  4. Thanks mate definitely worth the wait gotta open one up this week unfortunately bit of a seal problem. also I need to ask you a massive favour, pretty much what we have been talking about for a while now.
  5. Ok after nearly a year in the making they are in! Low beams Low Beams Highs (spotties) still need adjusting but haven't had the time yet
  6. Haha thank buddy she's been good to me, being on a new aurion page on FB makes me realise there is a lot more ppl that trick out their aurions. Love them all but after our little project might think about moving on again. Ps ring me :)
  7. Geez nice build there mate. Looks the goods
  8. After some aurion facelift head lights late 2009-2012 Not fused in the condition of tge headlights. Just the plastic lenses. Need before end January. Ship to adelaide Cash waiting Thanks
  9. A couple pics from slowlife christmas meet
  10. Ok so they are pretty much done just need the lenses
  11. Last piece of the puzzle. Pretty happy with it turned out
  12. Front passenger door card (leather trim) I fudged mine :( Adelaide 5112
  13. Thanks mate. Nah these are constructed by Loudz here in Adelaide. They are spotlights from jay car. Had to fit pretty large heat sinks but we got them down to 50 degrees when on for 30 mins. Very bright! Way too bright but I hardly use hi beams. They also make me happy but there is more cool stuff coming just waiting on parts

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