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  1. From Canberra to NSW Central Coast, up and over the great dividing range. Yeah have to be happy with this.
  2. Finally got that creaking noise fixed in my car, was not the parcel shelf but was in the drivers side rear window roof area.
  3. Thanks for your help on this one mate, yeah it is carpeted, so far the noise has not come back and the dowel stick has been removed so best not to touch it. You have a impressive car there man. Dean
  4. Hi, Has anyone ever had a creaking Parcel Shelf that sounds like a "gieger counter". I told my Toyota Service dealer and they have been great trying to fix the problem twice, gave me a courtesy car for the day, and tried to fix the problem out of warranty and at Toyota's expense, which shows they take issues seriously. However it is a HIT AND MISS problem that seems to come and go, last time i stopped it was by putting a small dowel stick in the boot under the parcel sheft 45' degree angled towards the drivers side parcelf shelf corner. The video files would have been to big to upload so i created a mp3, of the noise, any input would be greatly appreciated. Dean Toyota Aurion Touring 2010 - Creaking parcel shelf.mp3
  5. Pah, thanks mate for your reply. So would like Pedders Suspension be the way to go here ?
  6. Hi, although it looks good and drives well, this model has the basic model suspension. What would be the best way to give this car less body roll / more of a firm ride. Update to the sx6 suspension perhaps?

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