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  1. Just ticked over 40kms on my 05/17 200 series, and my tyres are scrubbed out on outside edges.

    Tyres have been rotated every 10,000, air levels checked, wheel alignment has been good.

    So I now need some road tyres that have a harder outside edge, that are not noisy.

    Suggestions pls.

    I didn't want to fit an all rounder as I very rarely drive on dirt roads.

  2. I have a 200 series altitude 2012

    When I am towing my caravan and driving in traffic at slow speed less than 40kms I have this annoying ticking sound coming from under my right foot in the engine bay.

    I reported the fault to my local dealership all I got was bring it in when it doing this.

    This is not really possible as it normally happens late on a Friday or when returning on Sunday afternoon

    But is also intermittent.

    Any relevant ideas???

  3. My 200 series altitude does not have the button/switch to automatically adjust the headlights when I am towing my caravan.

    When looking at the headlights tonight it looks like the little motors are already fitted.

    Does this mean I can fit a switch in the dash if I can trace the wiring to adjust my headlights.

    The Sahara models do have this ability.

    Are toyota's the same as most car makers fitting standard wiring harnesses and then just plugging in each models selected switches?

    Any advise is welcome