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  1. Hi All, For Sale is a brand new, never been driven 2013 Toyota 86 GT 2.0L Coupe, Manual. The car was ordered and agreed to purchase on 08/01/2013 from a Toyota Dealership in Perth. This car had a 6 – 12 month delivery time and is now due for pick up from 26/08/2013. Since then, due to the buyer putting a deposit on a house unfortunately the car is no longer viable and is therefore available to another lucky person for purchase. The waiting time if you agreed to purchase the exact same car today is between 7 – 9 months, feel free to contact any Toyota garage in the State (WA) to clarify this. Agreeing to purchase this car would eliminate this wait with no additional cost. The details of the car are as followed: Make: Toyota Model: 86 Badge: GT Transmission: Manual BodyType: Coupe Colour: Dark Grey ME Trim: Black Engine: 4 cylinder Petrol Aspirated 2.0L (1995 cc) The agreement also includes the following ON ROAD COSTS all included in this deal: Third Party Insurance CTP: 12 Months Private = $269.5012 Month Private Registration = $153.85Bulk Licence Fee = $11.50Plate Fee = $24.00Recording fee = $13.05Stamp Duty = $1,049.65The agreement included the installation of a Media Display Screen (6.1” Display Audio, CD, MP3, B/tooth, Radio & USB (Ipod Compatible) for $1100.18 (inc. GST). For any other details on the car, visit A $1000 down payment was paid on 8/01/2013 when the purchase agreement was signed leaving a remaining $33,931.73 (Inc. GST) payable. Therefore the offer to potential buyers is as followed: $33,931.73. Basically allowing the Seller to recoup the money (minus 1000 deposit) agreed to be paid and giving you this brand new car without the 7-9 month delay. This is a 100% legit sale which includes the Purchase Agreement, Deposit Receipt and additional paperwork from Toyota. The car is available for pick up from Toyota themselves from today and the buyer will just need to meet at the Toyota Dealership, pay the remaining balance of $33,931.73 to Toyota and $1000 to the seller in order to transfer the car into the buyers name. You will be getting a fantastic brand new, never been driven car minus a long 9 months delivery waiting time all for the same price. There is not another offer for this car anywhere in Western Australia. Please feel free to contact for any questions :) Contact:
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