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  1. I do understand the reason for not allowing you to get close to running out of fuel but considering its almost 20% of the total fuel capacity i wonder why you would bother having the "distance to empty" there in the first place. I am not really complaining just perplexed considering my previous car (a VW Golf) was pretty accurate when it came to the amount of fuel left in the tank. I am actually very impressed with the fuel economy considering its size and weight. Average was 6.1l/100km and most of the journey was at 100-110km/h on the Hume Hwy (Melb to Sydney) On the way back it was about 6.3l/100km and that was driving the Princes Hwy Coast road. Still very impressive in my book. :-)
  2. Does anyone else have or know about a discrepancy in the specifiactions of the fuel capacity of the 2013 RAV4 Diesel On a recent trip to Sydney i refuelled the car after the fuel Guage warning light was on and the Trip computer said i had 5kms until empty. On refuelling the car it only took 49.5litres and that was filled to the absolute brim. The specifications state that the fuel tank capacity is 60litres 10litres is a big discrepancy especially as i could have got at least another 150+ kms from the tank. Im confused!!!! Any insights?
  3. New Toyota owner from Melbourne. 2013 RAV4 GX Diesel 6sp Manual Loving this car so far. Great to drive and excellent fuel economy. Should have bought a Toyota years ago.. :)