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  1. I have 1996 rv6 90 series. Oil is leaking out of the top of the steering control valve housing. Can someone please tell me how to replace the oil seal.
  2. G'day. I have bought a 80 series gxl full time 4x4 4500 twin cam. 1993 model. I don't have a hand book. Can someone please tell me how the dual tanks work. There is one fuel guage on the roof and one on the dash and a sub button on the dash.
  3. G'day. I have a Landcruiser 80 series, it is red and it has white crust in places where the gloss has faded or whatever it does, it has been in the sun for a long time, I have tried polish but it won't get rid of it. Any suggestions how to remove it.
  4. Gooday. I have a coaster rb20, petrol. can someone tell me how to remove the dust cover that covers the electronic points thing in the disi. It doesn't want to come off.