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  1. The blue wheels look fantastic, really unique much better than the idea would sound
  2. For those interested in the new 8inch screen head unit from AlpineToyota fitting kits are now listed Landcruiser RAV 4 Camry Aurion
  3. A few bits from Toyota Japan The engine line up appears to be only 2 option a 1.5L and the 1.8 Valvematic making 106kW and of course the TRD page only available in Japanese at this stage
  4. Thanks for the info Chad 1 &3) If you could test these it would be appreciated. I have the Follow Me II in my ZRE and the full 7" 4stacker in the Tarago. The Follow Me II mutes the CD (but pauses USB) whereas the 7" and my old factory 6 stacker pause. 7" displays folders the FM2 only displays track info (for MP3 on CD) 2) 7" is very restricted when moving (including making calls) but FM2 has full function 4) I was actually interested in the fit, FM2 is allegedly factory fit but this is really only width and not depth, it sticks out quite a bit Once agin thanks for the response
  5. Does anyone have ant experience with the new single disc SatNav After realising my mistakes with a previous headunit purchase I decided to do some research before buying the next one Does the unit pause CD playback or just mute it when receiving calls? Is the passenger able to operate the Sat Nav whilst the vehicle is moving or does movement reduce some of the available functions? Does the unit display folder names when playing MP3? How smoothly does it fit into the dash (I am looking at it going into a ZRE hatch)? Can you move around the map on the screen? How well does the Bluetooth work (Blackberry and Nokia, not just i-Phone)? I was hoping I could get some opinion from the forum rather than having to go down to a dealers and test a vehicle with ont in it
  6. The second post brings back some memories. The rear wing looks TTE/Toyota Motorsport and the wheels look like the TTE Pitlane. I had been speaking with a contact at TTE / Toyota Motorsport (who incidentally are now calling themself TMG and making 400+kW Lexus a couple of weeks before the article came out and he mentioned they had sent a few sets of the twin exhaust to Toyota Australia for testing. I lived in hope that it would eventually come to Australia, no such luck.
  7. Camry had it's service on friday 90,000km I think (poor thing only gets servicd on time not mileage). Had chrome door handles (from the Grande) fitted
  8. The Tarago had it's service today and the TRD Shocks and Springs fitted, big improvement on handling
  9. Had the new wheels and tyres fitted on the Corolla today. Speedy Cheetahs 17 x 7.5 with 225/45R17 Pirelli P-Zero Rosso's (they were only a few dollars more than RE002's)
  10. It's time to clean up the cars (and get my new front lip painted). Does anyone know of any good (and reasonably priced) repairers? I need to have quite a few stone chips and a couple of scrapes sprayed over, as well as getting the front lip for the Corolla painted and fitted. My previous experience has all been insurance cases and so I haven't actualy known (or cared about) the price. I am looking at either Blacktown, Parramatta, Castle Hill or Chatswood (or PM me any of the bad ones to avoid in these areas).
  11. Finally ordered a set of 17 x 7.5s (and rubber) for the Corolla and as a few have said the TRD front lip doesn't look right with 16's and I will now have 17's, I picked up a TRD front lip. Now to get the lip painted and fitted.
  12. One other factor on this is price, brand new you are looking approx $1600 for the panel and attached switchgear then there is all the sensors and controllers on top of that
  13. In todays smh