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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I eventually paid 1300 for it. After all my research I think I maybe paid 150 more than I could if I went to another toyota dealer service centre. Lesson learned.
  2. 1200 That's cheap Is it from the dealer? Mine from the dealer cost 1620 Was I ripped off? Was yours inclusive of the radiator replacement ? Or they just replace the water pump only? Thanks
  3. Hi, My toyota aurion water pump started to leak. It was bought in Nov 2008, my dealer service contacted toyota and toyota doesn't want to know about it I guess is because the car is our of warranty. The car only has 39,000 km on it. However my car has dealer's extended warranty however they said that it doesn't not cover seals/gaskets... But the issue is that to fix it they are replacing the water pump NOT the seals. You can't replace the seals. Do I have a case to argue that it should be covered under the extended warranty? It seems that this water pump issue is common in the aurion. Please give your feedback. Thanks.
  4. Hi Dave262, You said your extended warranty covers replacing of your water pump. Which state are you in? I have been told that my aurion water pump needs replacing since is leaking. But looks like it won't be covered under extended warranty. So know getting more details to argue my case. Also been told radiator needs replacing too, so does water pump and radiator goes hand in hand Thanks,