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  1. doobey123


    looking to buy the Camry gen 4/4.5 Gracia front bumper(has foglights on it, only available in japan) if anyone has one or can point me in the right direction to getting them please let me know!
  2. I bought my headunit for 320 bucks at JB HI FI I dont trust any other brand than pioneer, they have the best connectivity (mine came with DAB+ and hands free along with bluetooth music, DVD player, the option for navigation and more) In my personal opinion, pioneer absolutely craps all over factory headunits. They are easy as to install and everything just kind of works at the end of the day. edit: Also i cant see why youd bother with a reversing camera, if you know your car well enough you should have no trouble (:
  3. doobey123


    3 questions 1. Do we have meets 2. when/where are they hosted 3. are there enough members to start an annual meet IF there isnt already and will members be interested in one?
  4. Id say that the previous owner has put coil overs on it possibly or harder sports springs. You can probably tell if you have a look at the springs they will usually have the brand or something, it would also be obvious if your car looks lowered than other models on the road. It seems like that is the only possibility.
  5. Check brakes for any damage, but assuming the wobble wasnt there before, your wheels need a full alignment. Most wheel shops will do it for 30-40 bucks
  6. Hey guys, Now, ive got an 01 model Camry, and if youve seen the 01 models exhaust, it looks like an ugly piece of old tubing, it looks like absolute crap. I was wondering how hard would it be to install a dual tip muffler onto the exhaust? Not interested in a whole new exhaust system or anything like that, just after a nicer exhaust note without the cannon look, as quite obviously a cannon would not suit a camry at all, can anyone point me in the right direction? cause i cant find anything to help me, It would be good if i could bolt it on at a certain part of the exhaust line to save me taking it into a shop, but if that must be done then so be it... But can anyone help me? Im looking for australian shops, preferably cheap, If its more than $200 then im not going to bother. thanks in advance (:
  7. Hey guys I'm thinking of getting a UHF radio to fit into my Camry, what do you reckon? Worth the 80 bucks or not?
  8. Sorry, i'm predominantly auto retarded - whats the resonator? The pod filter cover? Dont worry when i first heard it i didnt know what it was either the resonator is a black plastic box, its only, and i mean only purpose in the engine is to make it quieter. I think that one with the yellow bit is the resonator, but then again im not entirely sure as i have a different engine, my resonator wasnt in the middle of the air intake it was on the side next to the intake tubing, I would ask around for someone with the same car that has done the same thing and find out, or maybe the work shop manual will help you a bit more. Sorry i cant help more i wish i could, Ive got a pod filter in mine and it was okayish, but then i covered the resonator with gladwrap(DIY to the max i know) to prevent the air going into the resonator and boom, doubled the beefyness and still kept it quiet, it too me about 5 minutes to do, yours might take longer as it looks to me that its actually in between the intake and the and the entrance of the intake tubing
  9. You did help a lot, Especially for someone sayign they are incompetent, thank you heaps, the fact that there is a motor that controls the dial even when its electronic brings me new hope. Thank you heaps for this.
  10. Get rid of that resonator, it will help boost the sound of the pod filter, i did it to mine and it sounds awesome now and still sounds stock as a rock when you keep the RPM below 2.5k
  11. Anyone have a guide on how to do so? are there any tricks or anything or do you just fill it up?
  12. ^absolutely stupid as hell. Handling is hard as the ratio between cost and effectiveness is pretty dramatic. If you want it to really handle well, put some camber on the wheels, lower it a bit, preferably using king springs, make the sway bars thicker for both rear and front and maybe put a sway bar also above the engine bay using the suspension mountings.. But all that being said, you will be quite out of pocket, but if you spend only a few hundred you arent gonna feel as much of a difference. Oh and do it all yourself, its tough, its messy, its time consuming but you cut out about 50% of your costs if not more...
  13. Its in the title folks, can anyone tell me whats the difference between the badges? is it where they are made? where they are sold? please let me know cause its confused me for ages...
  14. Can confirm its known as DOME. Make sure you check the fuses with a multimeter, some fuses are hard to distinguish if its actually blown or not and may look perfectly fine. Also make sure the globes are correct voltages as they may be the ones blowing the fuses or not operating correctly due to the wrong voltage going to them
  15. So i found a "climate control" unit for my SK-20 model Camry and currently my mechanical dial(below) is not working correctly, the middle dial is cracking and the dial has teeth missing resulting in being unable to fully turn the dial to hot or cold. So i want to go from this^ to the first picture i noted. How long and how hard is this job going to be? Ive had a look at the current controls in my camry(has 3 dials, 2 buttons and the "leaver" and it looks like the leaver and middle dial are both mechancial, so no electrical components effect this, i want to change that. What would this involve? how long will it take? is it a hard job to do? and most importantly, is it affordable? thanks.