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  1. Looking at a ZRE15

    7k including all ORC. Sighted clean history report and deposited on car today. Km doesn't bother me, it's gonna be stacks on due to my use of the car. Got a good mechanic hook up so should be right
  2. Toyota -86- Gallery...(pics only)

    Using my driveway to look lower than I really am. HSD coilovers and Ultrex lip kit are the newest additions.
  3. Hey, I am looking to buy a second car, ZRE15 Corolla, 2008 model. A couple of minor issues I have noted are the aircon appeared intermittent - upon start up it took quite a while to blow cold after stuffing around with the controls. Potential switch problem maybe? Also the drivers seat recliner angle did not work. Is this an easy fix? Other than that a fairly clean 6 speed, so keen to buy. Any issues I should be aware of? There's no history and it's got 207,000 on the clock but the price reflects this.
  4. GOLF 7 vs Corolla

    Having driven both cars briefly I would probably swing towards the Corolla only because it probably won't break down.. plus I am a bit biased towards the Corolla for looks in the newest models, the Golf just looks like a rehashed 2005 model MK5. If you are going for an Auto, well those VWs are a bit of a minefield with their DSG boxes. Can't comment sensibly on handling I'm afraid, as I drove my new 86 back to back with a said Golf (was a rental, 1.4 TSI trendline I think) and after the 86 it felt like driving on four flats :P did not drive Golf and Corolla back to back, the Corolla I drove was a courtesy car. I'll put it this way - you will be equally as likely to die in either car if you choose to drive like a total *****. But I can't even lose it in my car when I try... ESP is pretty good.
  5. For anyone needing a reference, the aerial harness is the only one available (a simple conversion) and the part number for the Corolla to the new gen head units (I can't imagine that an 86 GT unit would be any different to the new shapes of Corollas head units which look the same) is PZQ60-00141
  6. Cheers, thanks for that. Did you keep steering wheel control function?
  7. Had my 86 4 months now

    I always park at euro marque to go to emporium because parking inside emporium is a bitch haha. That's my mates 86 next to mine, he got his like a few weeks after I got mine
  8. My brother just bought a 2007 Corolla, pretty sure it's ZRE152R even though the dealership wrote down ZZE122R. The first thing we tried to do is swap the headunits out because his only has Aux input and no bluetooth whatsoever. I was thinking it would be a straight swap, which it sort of does look like from the main plugs, but there is a third plug which is different. Unsure exactly what it does, but the first two look a lot like power and speakers, so perhaps this third one does steering wheel controls or something? The 86 doesn't have steering controls and yet I have literally no idea what the 86 stereo harness looks like because I got that one done by a car audio place. Felt this would be an easier/cheaper option than going aftermarket, as the unit has BT Audio and phone, as well as voice control. So my main question is, whether the stereo will work with the two main plugs, and what is the function of the third plug? If it is essential, is there any sort of conversion harness? I was under the impression that people do upgrades of old Toyota head units to these new ones all the time, but my googling hasn't revealed a lot.
  9. Thought I might sign up here even though I don't often use forums anymore. Bought a Toyota 86 4 months ago (to the day actually), done about 11k on it so far, sweet car. You will have to excuse the instagram pics as I haven't gone out and done photos with my good camera yet.. Literally everyone with an 86 has done this, I did it too... was the day after I got it. Then some time later.. TE37s and Eibach springs I have also got Toms tail lights but I never took a picture of those for some reason. My sub install Pioneer app radio What I used to drive, why I have put this on here? Because I had like no interest in the 86 until I started doing more km as I was laid off from my job which I used to walk to. So felt like I had to get a more reliable sporty car. I was driving a daily and went and had a look at the 86, hopped into it and it felt exactly the same to sit in as my old GTV, which is great because that car was just impractically low, had seats that held you in, and there's just a whole bunch of other things that remind me a lot of it but I won't bore you with more details. The only thing I miss is the sound of the V6.