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  1. Hey all, Purchased some sportivo headlights to match my sportivo tail lights that i have installed on my 2007 ATX, they bolt into place but the bumper won't fit. Is there a way to make this work? could i purchase a sportivo front bumper and it will fit? or do i have to sell these?
  2. I sometimes use e10 which is 94 or 95 octane depending where you get it, will sometimes use regular 95. May i ask where you read that they are tuned for 95 octane?
  3. Had a friend help me and checked the install and angle of the headlights still had the issue so returned the kit and got some white phillips halogen globes and no issue :)
  4. So no one has this issue? or that has installed HID's can just say whether this is normal?
  5. Here are the black spots are these normal when upgrading or do i not have the bulbs in correctly?
  6. Hello as the title says i have installed hid's and there is a black spot just before the car that wasn't there before with the halogen lights could someone please post a photo so i can compare and see if my alignment is out or its normal when upgrading the lights. Happy to upload a photo if needed to show what i mean if someone could tell me how to do it?
  7. Just thought i would update this thread, was in buying some parts at my local dealership and mentioned my sticky dash to the parts department. Who informed me there has been a bulletin been released by toyota and as long as your vin number matches any aurion in the last 10 years it gets replaced free, getting mine done in a few weeks when it arrives. Im so happy to get rid of my sticky dash and have a non-defective one :)
  8. You can get aftermarket TRD style grills but not sure if they would a camry.
  9. I haven't seen the exhaust for a 2014 Aurion, i recently got the exhaust done on my 2007 Atx got a resonator delete and muffler delete with hotdogs and new tips. cost me $480 for the lot, sounds great is quite loud and does drone up hills. Might be worth taking there offer and getting the resonator taken out but might drone, guessing they charged that since they most likely hadn't done one before.
  10. Thanks for the helpful pictures, it appears that i still have the rubber hoses ill look into the cost on getting it done. Will replacing them stop the rattle/grinding i hear sometimes on startup or is that something else?
  11. Do i need to make some base pods for the front and back for 6x9's or does it depend on the speaker? any tips to make a pod if i have to?
  12. What do i have to look at in the engine bay to see if i still have the rubber hose?
  13. I never ended up doing it, but found out that the H1R1 is a different size to the hb3 bulbs that the handbook states will fit. On some Aurion models they do have normal HB3 bulbs and sockets instead of the H1R1 bulbs. Mine doesn't but i find it funny that some do and some don't
  14. Steering wheel lock? they can be bypassed just like a alarm but its a visual deterrent and might just make them go to another car without one. Or you could just take the steering wheel out like Mr Bean :P

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