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  1. At last service almost 10 000kms ago, mechanic said rocker cover gasket was beginning to leak on my 05 sportivo, car is now leaking oil on a regular basis. What would i be looking at in terms of cost to get this repaired? Would I save myself much by ordering a 2zz value cover gasket (i assume this is the same thing) from monkey wrench and supplying it to the mechanic when I get the car serviced?
  2. Update: Mechanic has informed me that VVT OCV needs to be replaced and informed me several days ago they have ordered a second hand part and are waiting for delivery. Rang today and they informed me they have had to send the part back several times as it was the Japanese manufactured (assumed to be 1ZZ-FE) instead of South African part (2ZZ-GE) part. I'm now officially concerned that these guys don't have a clue about repairing Sportivos and will possibly botch the repair and/or overcharge me for their own ineptitude.
  3. Hi All, I've owned my 05 Sportivo for about 6 months and never had any issues with it until I tried to start it today and it just wouldn't turn over, absolutely no indication that anything was amiss on a longish 1.75 hours yesterday. Car has been driven pretty sedately due to having a child in the car and therefore aren't sure whether lift was working prior to problem. Called RACV who were able to start it by giving it heaps of gas, but it was idling horribly and something was obviously wrong. He checked idle control, electrics, cyclinders etc, but couldn't work out what was wrong with it and couldn't get a reading on his scan tool. RACV guy thought it was a timing problem and I had to get it towed to a mechanic. Mechanic advised my wife (who is due to give birth any moment- such a great time to have your car brake down ) there was a fault code for the OCV for variable timing, quoted $200 for a new one which they informed her would take 4 weeks to deliver if they could not find a second hand part. They also stated they were not 100% if an new OCV would fix the problem. My questions are: does it sound like a OCV problem? Is $200 reasonable and is 4 weeks for a new one realistic? Any help would greatly be appreciated as we need the car as quickly back as possible as we'd only be able to get a hire car for 4 days.