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  1. As of today, my beloved 2005 Corolla Sportivo has been sold. Hopefully, it is going to a good home, and will be treated well and serve well. With that, I no longer own a Toyota. Life has changed, and so have my automotive needs. I'll miss ya, but will move on to the Skoda Octavia RS230 Wagon forum, and the Subaru Levorg GTS forum. (I was indecisive, so bought one of each). I needed to do this for closure. I miss it already....
  2. Just bought new clay... mmmm... new clay. I'll go easy on the polish, and hit it hard with the wax. Hiya Pete! How you doin'?
  3. To resurrect an old thread... I contacted CHT recently to ask about claiming for my paint protection, and very long story short they will not honour it. My car is garaged at night, kept clean (within reason) during the day, washed ith appropriate products (almost exclusively Megs). Meanwhile, the pain on the spoiler is all but off and the roof is started to fade rapidly. I don't think the paint has been exposed to anything that would result in hat is happening. Not happy.
  4. So what's been happening?

    1. DJKOR


      Nothing of value.

  5. Hi guys - long time no chat. As some of you may not remember, I agonised over tyres about 1.5 years ago. The choice between the Kumho and BS RE001 was a tough one, but decided to bend to popular opinion and got the REs. Worst tyre I have ever bought. Hate them. Glad they're dead. Too much side wall softness (even with different pressure) and NO GRIP. I had to slow my cornering by 5-10km/h, and that is with strut bars installed. I found the original stock BS tyres to be better! Luckily, I finally have a flat tyre, and it's time to replace the POS's. TG.
  6. wants to apply more rice

  7. My lovely 6 stacker is dying. I have had a good gander at people's opinions on radios etc, and came across this one: AutoGPS site for older toyotas It seems to be a reasonable price for what is offered (read: plug and play harness), so if anyone has played with it before, I'd love some feedback. I wont go into my preferences for a radio right now, but if anyone has suggestions on good double DINs, I'm listening. Cheers
  8. A friend bought a new Ford last week and after he filled it up worked out that the car had about 1 litre of fuel in it (put in 54 litres into a 55L capacity tank) Very little after sales service in this case...
  9. yeah they are available. legal? hardly any mods are legal... these projectors came off an audi and share the same h7 halogen bulb so no need for a hid kit. Yes, come to think of it question 2 was pretty stupid...
  10. Just a silly question: Your car - 98 Corolla, 45k on the clock. That's quite light usage - is it worthwhile inducting?
  11. Those headlights look noice - 1) are they still available? 2) are they legal?