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  1. Shanecane

    2013 d4d Engine Swap into a 2007

    the injection controller loom is a 7 pin plug but the 2007 plug was a 4 pin the harness was attached to the engine when we swapped it over it as it was easier
  2. Shanecane

    2013 d4d Engine Swap into a 2007

    I was thinking differences in the loom may be at fault
  3. Shanecane

    2013 d4d Engine Swap into a 2007

    Hi All, I purchased a 2013 diesel engine with a loom for my 2007 chassis, I found I had to change the injection computer, but now I don't have any power to the starter motor solenoid. Can anyone help also is their any other changes or differences
  4. Shanecane

    1kd head wanted

    I need a 1kd head for a 2007 HIlux secondhand Can anyone help
  5. Error code P0093 fuel leak large? The engine still won't start getting frustrated with it.....
  6. Yep the same injectors and they have new external oring and washer. They where kept in the write order.
  7. Yes the fuel pump is running and no nothing was changed in the electronics.
  8. i have done the following checked all of the connections and fuel pressure. engine turns over fine i have ordered a fault finder to plug in to the computer to see the error? What next?What dose the computer look at on the start up sequence ?
  9. Shanecane

    1kd camshaft bearings

    Can any one give me some advice on where I can get these camshaft bearings or journals, my 1kd engine rebuild has stalled and I need to get my ute back on the road. Help......
  10. Shanecane

    1kd camshaft bearings

    People's, I'm chasing 1kd camshaft bearing caps as I have broke them on assembly... Can any one help Reg Shane