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  1. Have not bought this product as yet. I need to verify that the existing Grande hazard switch will fit into the unit. I really don't want to spend another $240 for the new hazard switch, The existing unit with its limited functions and WhereIS maps with no street names is driving me insane tho. Seems that even the hazard Switch is also hard to find thing.. Oh well, do let us know if you have purchased one... am also on a mission to look for one :) You can try this one as well:
  2. Have you bought the product? I have seen this as well. It would be a better choice to by this rather than buying a new Nav disc from Toyota which cost $300+...
  3. Verrrry.. It should come with a user guide on how-to install this... I reckon that it would need a sealer so that water, dust, mud, etc would get in between the headlight & body..
  4. Am also curious and still waiting for someone who has installed this.... from my end, am still saving up some bucks so I'll try this one as well..
  5. Hi, Has anyone purchased and modified their head units using Dig Options? Here's the link to the unit: How did it go? any challenges encountered when installing? Was planning to buy one, am just concerned with the reverse camera connection, if it will have issues incase changing the stock head unit. Cheers
  6. Hi, I'd like to know if anyone had purchased custom headlights / tail lights in Mars Performance? How was it? any conflicting issues encountered after buying their product/s? here's the link: Cheers Nahzd