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  2. Hi, Maybe a UHF, Alarm, muddies or A/T or S/T tyres, steel bull bar or front recovery point. I only do the occasional 4x4 as it's the family car now. This forum is great for most models of Toyota's but not so much for Landcruisers. Maybe try These dude's are more hardcore Landcruiser adicts based in Australia. Hope you enjoy.
  3. Hi, If it's the 1HZ non turbo'd diesel then lack of power is a feature, especially when towing. As BeepBeep mentioned, if it's black smoke, could be air filter, injectors, bad fuel. Maybe compression (lack of). Are all cylinders firing ?
  4. This car has been much loved and looked after. Originally purchased new (one owner) but sadly needs to be replaced due to family expansion. HandsFree Bluetooth (Bury). Needs new front tyres before rego but can fit new tyres after negotiation if needed. Factory Alarm 6 stack CD/MP3, 6 Speaker. 6 Airbags, ABS, Electronic Stability, Traction Control. Tinted windows. Electric Brake controller (if needed for towing). Just been serviced (79000km) A few small stone chips on paintwork but this is normal for the country driving that that it does. Great value and lowest operating costs car in it's class (NRMA). For photos, please view CarSales ad for additional detail @|1||pCar_PriceSort_Decimal|1||pCar_Make_String|0||pCar_Model_String|0&__Qpb=1&__Ntx=mode%20matchallpartial&Cr=0&__Ntt=TCF655&trecs=1 Thanks.
  5. Hi, I tow a 1.4Ton camper around no issues. Like others I have placed the weight distribution bars on there to help piont the nose down, especcially when it get's off road. If you take it easy, you can get 14L/100km out of it but 15Ltrs is more realistic. The tinny, you won't notice it. Standard tow bar is rated for 1600kg, trailer only. Enjoy.
  6. Hi, Looking to tap into a power wire that only has 12 volts when the car is running. This will be used to activate a relay for additional power to a trailer/caravan. Any idea as I don't want to start randomly cutting wires from the fuse box. Thanks
  7. Also see ""
  8. Yes, I dreaded the hole in the roof too but it has worked out. I would never put a heavy antenna there as there is a little bit of roof flex that happens. Cable is in the drivers pillar. I bought a GME (forget the model) but the one with all the buttons on the hand set, thus I hide the main unit (being rather small) inside the centre console near the drivers left foot so only the handset and an external speaker comes out. External speaker is hidden under drivers instruments and heandset resets in the "wallet" slot or what ever you call it near you left knee. You can get to the antenna/cable connection by removing the interior light.
  9. I was recommended against the glass induction type due to losses. I ended up going for a centre roof. People have said many times about leaks etc. but thats if it was installed with minimal care. Mine has been going > than a year now, no issues. Most of the time around town I just use a stubby 3db antenna which is fine. Out of town I screw in a 6.? db antenna to get a better range. I did look a several bracket type options but was not happy with any. Rear spoiler got in the road of the boot lip option. Hope that helps.
  10. The Miss's did the same, left hand side. As discussed previously, not that hard as they just pop out. I have a spare un-painted cover if needed for a delivery fee.
  11. I tow a Jayco Camper often. It weighs about 1.4ton loaded. Travels fine but fuel eco, your looking at 14L/100km minimum. Go plenty of balls up the hills etc. I bought "hayman reese" levelers, which gives it a lot better ride.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'm sure that I can do the services <10K (or every 6 months as the agreement says). I will speak to the local service manager next service. I plan to drive 1/2 way around Aust. in the middle of the year and I'm sure that I will go over my 10K. I may be able to come to some sort of agreement there. Thanks
  13. Hi, My initial 3 year warranty expired a couple of months ago. Now I am on the extended 3 year warranty with fixed price services (It came with the car when a bought it new). What I hadn't taken much notice before but the extended warranty agreement states that the services are to be every 10K. This doesn't follow the service book. Has anyone else got an extended warranty ? Bummer Thanks
  14. Hi, Thanks for the idea. I currently have a brake controller (for towing) mounted in that location. But yes, thats the first place other that under the radio that I would have placed it. I will probably get it from Ebay. Not sure on the price as yet. I'll have a search to see their specs & worth. Thanks