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  1. MS342-12001 aero spoiler for 2009 corolla

    I'll have to work something else out then. Juvenile is that the modellista side skirts you have there?
  2. Has anyone fitted the MS342-12001spoiler to a 2009 zre corolla? Was looking at nengun website and it says it's compatible with the zre152 model but wanted to confirm before I ordered it. I've seen a few of the hot hatch pics with it on there but I'm a bit scared I'll spend all that money and it won't fit my car.
  3. MY09 Corolla ZRE

    Haven't finished working on her yet but here's what she looks like.
  4. ZRE Custom Tail Lights

    I had a look at them and a whole heap of other jap part importers.
  5. My dash lights don't always turn on and apparently it affects my tails or parkers. It seems apparent that it's a common fault with toyota's. Spoke to my auto elec, going to get it fixed in the next few weeks. Have read on here that people think it's a stalk problem that cleaning inside it could help but I'd rather get the auto elec to look at it instead of guessing what it could be.
  6. Turbonator Super Charger for Corolla

    I've never heard of anything like it before. Saw it briefly on my lunch break and upon reading up on it found it to be b.s.
  7. Turbonator Super Charger for Corolla

    Did some more research and looks like a load of bull. Most reviews state that there is no increase in HP or better fuel economy and in disaster cases the blades have come off and damaged the engine.
  8. Has anyone come across this??? I'm very curious to see if it works. Wondering what slight performance increase it will give to my K&N typhoon CAI. Introducing the Surge Intake SuperCharger, it revolutionized the Japanese tuner performance market and is now for the first time available to the US market in limited supply. This product will allow you to burn fuel more efficiently resulting in better MPG. This SuperCharger will increase air flow and provide additional horse power and torque by 5-7% to the wheels. Save Up To 28% On Fuel!Increase Horsepower Up To 7% more hp!Easy to install - Takes Less Than 5 Minutes!Fits Virtually All Makes And Models Of Cars And Trucks!Works On Carbureted And Fuel Injected Engines!For Gasoline And Diesel Engines!Made entirely of aircraft grade aluminum-titanium alloy, the Surge SuperCharger is machined to perfection! The blades spin freely and smoothly its shaft being supported by a space grade zero friction ball bearing. The Surge SuperCharger has a 2.5 inch diameter for easy mounting. The product installs inside the intake hose going to the throttle body from air filter. A clamp is included to secure the Surge SuperCharger inside the intake hose. It also includes a rubber coupler that will create a vacuum seal inside the intake chamber. If your hose has a diameter greater then 2.5� you must custom fit it therefore please ask your qualified mechanic to install it. This is a universal and will fit any vehicle, SUV, pickup etc� 1. Remove air inlet hose located between air purifier.� 2. Install�the SuperCharger�inside the air inlet hose.3.�If�the SuperCharger unit is smaller than your cars air inlet hose, use the�plastic ring attached to increase its diameter so it can fit in the tubing
  9. Been looking at alternative performance mods to my 2009 zre and thought about camming it. Had a friend who put a stage 3 cam kit in his V8 Vn Calais and it was a monster. Not sure if it can be done with the corolla's but it would definitely be a cheaper alternative to turbo or supercharging it. Might email Crow Cams and see if they have anything for it.
  10. Hi

    Hi my name's Anastasia I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Been a Toyota owner all my life but am currently driving a 2009 Corolla ZRE. I'm slowly doing a few mods to her. Started with 17" Axxion Rims, Super Low Pedders Suspension, black tint on the tail lights, black badges, Tinted windows, sports catback exhaust and K&N CAI. Might get a body kit but kind of like the way she looks at the moment. What I have planned in future is saving up to get sports machine drilled/slotted brakes and then do some further engine mods.
  11. Front wheel hopping on hard acceleration

    I used to get that with my manual Corolla and my Vienta previous to that. I changed my tyres and springs on the Corolla and haven't had any issues since. It's just a matter of easing off the accelerator.
  12. K&N Typhoon

    Just an update on the CAI, my exhaust was extremely loud to the point it would put to shame a lot of the V8's, even wrx's. Over a few days of driving I have noticed the exhaust sound has quietened down since the addition of the K&N Typhoon. It wasn't a sudden change more a gradual change over the week. It still roars if I put my foot down but not to the extreme like it used to. The same happened with my partner's lancer, we had a cannon exhaust put in the same day I had my catback installed, then I fitted a new pod and it muffled hers down too. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this too as this is the first car I've done mods to?
  13. ZRE Custom Tail Lights

    Thanks. Was weighing up the cost and close to $600 including shipping didn't seem like a good idea considering I could use that money on performance mods or a body kit.
  14. ZRE Custom Tail Lights

    It says $398AU but it's around $446 without postage and handling. The seller just got back to me and he's out of the smoked ones. I'm so tempted to buy them just need to pick the right ones for my car. I hope that's cheap, maybe someone somewhere sells them cheaper. The seller confirmed they come from japan.