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  1. This information is spot on. Noel
  2. Hi there welcome, Normally cars that were built around 2009 onwards are fitted with DPF. But you can check underneath if it has one. Normally it is after the catalytic converter, there you see it. Good luck Noel
  3. Hi there, As you said valves out that you got fixed doesn't fix smoke. But fuel lines has perished depends what you mean. If old rubber from lines or pieces of metal got into the fuel pump that will make your engine smoke like hell mate. Look at how clean your fuel is to run is one good thing to do. Your are looking at replacing the fuel filter first, before you pull the Injectors and then the fuel pump out. The reason is fine bits can easily block the injectors fine holes. But I will get it diagnosed properly step by step to a diesel workshop. In case you ne
  4. Hi there, You might contact Toyota dealer and if you give them the rego or the VIN they will help you to replace the missing part. Good luck Noel
  5. Hi there, The ute 2017 model 2.8ltr i drive at work does also idles high at times I don't know why it does it. It seems the way it is designed to run. It could be over 1000x even without A/C on. If you think it is unusual better see the dealership being still under warranty. Good luck Noel
  6. Hi there, It should be close to the flywheel supposedly Noel
  7. Hi John, I drive one for work 2017 model. I guess it is like having a day time running light. Now all cars by law, you cannot switch it off. Cheers Noel
  8. I had about 320,000 kms I towed also a tandem trailer with a Nissan 300ZX on it which in total approximately over 2 tons. Take off slowly but does still goes well mate. It was very difficult to get a double cab, auto, ac, central lock, p/steering, CD radio, alarm but you be patient one will come. Good luck Noel
  9. Hi there, I had the RZN149 engine on a 1999 model. 2.7ltr. Quite durable no issues at all. As soon as put gas hard to start b'cause injectors getting blocked so running in petrol quite costly drink like a horse being an older engine. Anyway I ended up replacing the injectors and ran 100%. Cost me $40 each replaced myself. Never burning any oil loads of staff carried heavy steal roof tops on roof carrier. Traded in and got a diesel Pajero 09 model. Good luck Noel
  10. Hi there, Have a look at the last post of this 4WD forum http://www.4wdaction.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=113063 it might help you. Based most 4W Drives have similar setup. Hope it helps. Good luck Noel
  11. Hi there, I tried to look for you in this link. See if it make any sense, it may help buddy. https://4x4earth.com/forum/index.php?threads/hilux-rear-diff-ratios.18888/ Good luck Noel
  12. Hi there, I drive one at work and you really have to press the clutch to the bottom to put into gear. I guess that's the way they drive. A bit rough for a 2017 model overall not really big fan of it. Cheers Noel
  13. Ndeb

    1KZ Problems

    Hi there, If no mud in the engine bay and nothing suspicious around the engine then could be no fuel coming to the pump. I suggest to do a little test by removing the fuel filter check the condition then try to prime the pump above the filter manually and see if fuel comes easily. Good luck Noel
  14. Hi there, Has the transmission been serviced at all? I mean replacing the fluid and strainer. Regards Noel
  15. You can try get onto the Toyota dealerships websites you might find a good deal on second hands. Good luck.
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