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  1. Ians86

    Auto or Manual

    If I had my time again, I would have bought the auto. Don't know why. Manual is fine. Oh well....next time.
  2. Ians86


  3. Ians86

    Stiff gear change

    Does anyone have a little trouble changing from 1st to 2nd when the engine is cold. Once it is warmed up it is fine. Is this normal? (other gear changes are fine...only stiff between 1st and 2nd)
  4. I have had my GT86 since last September and so far it is fault free. I am 183cm and about 110 kg. The seats are comfortable and plenty of head room. (mind you, the seats are down to their lowest adjustable level). I love the GT86 and would recommend it to anyone wanting a sporty drive.
  5. Ians86

    86 Spare Wheel

    No space saver in the 86. Just a can of woooosh and a portable air compressor. Tell your dealer that you want a full size spare! He will help you get one as well as a raised floor mat.
  6. Ians86

    86 Spare Wheel

    When I got my Gt 86 in October 2013, (in Maryboyough, Qld.) the dealer, Maryborough Toyota, organised for a full size spare and a raised floor mat to be fitted before I picked it up. (at extra cost). The extra is worth it. (i think it was about $400) I am sure your dealer would do the same if you asked them.
  7. Ians86