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  1. Yep, Definitely not owning a Toyota ever again. They used to be 'peoples cars' and 'affordable' Glad you got it sorted ! Cheers
  2. Any chance you're in Adelaide? I have a reliable mechanic now who will most certainly give you the right diagnosis at the best price.
  3. Also drove my mates 2016 Kluger built in the US recently. I didn;t want to burst his bubble but they narrowed the car to make it longer... was not a nice drive - but by then the brand (for me) was tarnished
  4. Please do yourself a favour... Stay far away from the Kluger ! I owned the 2013 Altitude and then the 2008 Kluger Grande. These cars are terribly built. Had issues with: intermediate steering shaft (check posts on here) - Many attempts to get Toyota to repair under TSB - they refused ! Diff / transfer case whine at 60km/h Water pump went on the 2008 Kluger - cost almost $2000 Aircon issue - passenger side blows warm air (common) FUEL - it drinks ! Bad turning circle - like driving a truck Servicing and repairs at Toyota Stealership was unexpectedly costly for a Toyota. Read some of the posts here - the best feeling was when I got rid of it (a.k.a sold it) Most of my cars have been Toyota's and they were generally reliable but after the Kluger - no more ! I now enjoy the 4.0L Barra straight 6 in the 2006 Territory 7 seater - it still drinks but a much better drive and cheaper to have repaired. Other cars are Mazda 6 Lux Sport and AWD Subaru Forester Wagon (even sold the RAV4 to get clean away from the Toyota brand) The build quality of these 3 vehicles display how much more car you get for less than you would pay for a Toyota... Hope this helps mate ! Wouldn't want you to go through the stress of driving a Kluger - like i did !
  5. I gave up trying...and sold the Kluger... with it's wide turning circle | terrible fuel economy | Steering Clunk | Diff / trans whine | huge cost to replace water pump | and the list goes on ! I now have no toyotas.. after selling the RAV too...
  6. Mine is on 242K and they totally refused to do it.
  7. Thanks John, The guy from CMI SA gave me Toyota AU's number. I am going to call them and mention that I am tired of the run-around. A $50K vehicle and they fuss about a $500 repair? I'll probably take you up on copies of invoices etc. Toyota, OH WHAT A FEELING! We know what feelings we get My son's older Subaru Forester feels better to drive !
  8. Thanks John, Seems I should contact Toyota In SA to get a proper answer as the call centres have no authority.
  9. @jimmymak Thanks.. I did try and put pressure on Toyota AU but no dice..Emailed the dealer this morning - still no reply. I did call Toyota Customer Experience Centre though... wonder if there is another more direct contact... Anyone?
  10. Hi John, The dealer gave me the warranty prior approval number which I used to contact Toyota Australia, they refused to pay for the entire repair due to the km's. I just emailed the same dealer now for the cost in writing. I am going to try emailing another dealer to check the result. I wanna keep the Kluger as it is still a good family car but want to sort out the niggly's: * Steering Clunk * Transfer Case Whine * Rack Ends * Shock Abosrbers (Maybe) * and finally new tyres Then I'm good for a number of years Lee
  11. @jimmymak, What km's has your Kluger done? Is it still under warranty? This clunk is too annoying and still don't feel it's fair to pay $$ for a lack of quality issue Cheers
  12. Mr Lee

    Toyota Fortuner

    Well, apprently the new 2.8L engine needs to work hard to keep the car moving. And still more pricey than Isuzu Mu-X. The Ford Everest.......