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  1. Hi Andrew Please see uploaded photo. I checked my trany oil with warm and running engine http://oi43.tinypic.com/6f9zpx.jpg
  2. Hi dirty hands I called a mechanic recommended by a friend and was told that it is gonna cost me $140 ( 50+90) for brake and trasmission oil change but if transmission opening and cleaning is required then will cost $220 in total. I am a bit spectical as he is not a licensed mechanic and only been working in Toyota repair center for a long time and has a workshop at home. I called another guy who is a lisenced mechanic and was told that transmission servicing will cost me $140 he only mentioned sevicing but did not say what sort of work he is going to do (i.e oil change filter change ...). He also beleives that a Toyota camry with this milage does not require brake oil change and was pretty sure about this. So he did not give me a quote for that. Regarding timing belt, as far as I remember this model does not have a timing belt. I heared this from a dealer when I was looking for a car. He said that the Camry models after 2007 do no have timing belt. So I am not sure if I need to do this. Could you please give me some information regarding the parts that should be changed or services during transmission service ? and is it a complicated job and should be done by special mechanics or any mechanic can do this ? I saw a video on youtube regarding this which looked pretty stright forward. Thanks Roland
  3. Hi I am new to this forum and this is my first topic, so I hope I have not broken the rules or have not done any thing wrong by posting this topic. My car is a Toyota Camry Altise 2009 and has done 77100 so far. It had done 73000 when I bought it and is doing 500km in average per month. last service was done 6 months ago at 74000km which was changing oil and filter as well as front brake pads. I took my car to Toyota north point for a general $99 service special yesterday and during the service was told that brake oil and transmission oil should be replaced costing me $400 in addition to $99 service charge. I did not accept as I knew Toyota dealers are usually expensive. I checked transmission oil today while car was parked and the engine off and the oil colour looks between red and light brown on my finger. Any idea regarding the actual price for changing fluids ? Thanks Roland