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  1. Just a follow up:After two days, Toyota finally found out what happened to my Prius c and fixed the car. It was a faulty fuel gauge. The car got no fuel in it but the displays indicated two bar left. Did not think of that until the diagnosis. Fuel gauge faults can be very dangerous too as the car suddenly lose power. Anyone have the same problem? Heard of something similar?
  2. Something terrible happened to my Prius C, just over 1 year old, this morning. While driving at a speed around 60km/h, suddenly there was a 'ding' and a message appear: hybrid system failure, stop immediately safely. The car then lost power within one minutes or so and could not be restarted. I managed to stop it at the roadside. This car as I said is just over one year old, fully serviced by Toyota. This was a very dangerous situation, especially so if you are on the motorway. The car got towed to the Toyota dealer by NRMA where I bought and service the car. This was the first issue I have w

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