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  1. For what its worth, it's drawing a long bow to recommend an oil and saying it's been fine since I have been using it.

    Why not go directly to the horses mouth and use the recommended oil from a manufacturer like Castrol, the link below will take you there.

    I would imagine other manufacturers have similar sites.

    After all guys they make it, test and guarantee it!


    Castrol Edge 5W-30W for Aurion GSV40 and GSV50R

    I spoke to 3 dealers. One said outright do not use 5W-30 in the GSV50R (my car) because it will cause the "VVT" to knock. One waffled around and said use 10W-40 and one just said we only use 10W-30.

    Not one of them could explain the apparent weird temp range chart in my handbook which I posted originally and their understanding of what the "W" means appears sketchy.

  2. it's totally fine to use 5w-30. will even be better in cold start.

    refer to this thread:http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/22298-what-oil/

    Thanks for the link. Don't the 40 series and 50 series have different oil viscosity specs? Further muddies the waters so to speak.

    The most disappointing thing in all this is the apparent lack of understanding of the oil spec page in the handbook by all of the Toyota personnel I have asked.

    My opinion is that a good quality 5W-30 will be OK but I will probably go with Penrite PRO10 a semi sun 10w30. Very attractively priced.

  3. Hello

    I am new here.

    I have a 2012 Aurion 2GR-FE V6. I would like to use 5W-30 in the engine but am confused by this page in my handbook (hope the link works)


    Specifically the temperature range for 5W-30.

    It doesn't look right compared to the other viscosities esp 10W-30. My understanding is that the 5W defines the lowest ambient starting temp which is basically irrelevant in most parts of Australia.

    I would of thought that the upper ambient range would be the same as 10W-30. Given that Toyota USA recommends 0W-20 for V6 camrys in the USA I am thinking that 5W-30 would pose no problem here.

    2 Local Toyota dealers as well as Toyota Australia are unable to tell me one way or another if 5W-30 can be used. I have had various responses none of which make any sense.


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