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  1. Kluger Rear Sway Bar GSU40/45

    I'm selling it because I sold the car.
  2. Anyone interested in knowing how to allow the use of Phone function, sat nav & Divx while the vehicle is moving? Applicable to the units fitted to Altitude model Klugers, 86, Corolla's etc?
  3. torsion bars

    try pedders
  4. Kluger Rear Sway Bar GSU40/45

    Hi, I can sell you mine if you'd like. Im selling it for $200 and includes the sway bar mount bushes. I'd need to check what freight would be if you'd like to send me an address?
  5. Im selling a set of tyres off my Kluger. These have only done 4,987kms of city driving as I traded it in for a Prado. They retail at $430ea and would like $225ea. Selling only as a set for $900. PM me for further details and phone number. Thanks
  6. Ticking noise when braking at slow speed

    Have you got an electric trailer brake controller? This maybe interfering with the electric brake booster?
  7. 100 series front wheel clunking noise

  8. Kluger Sway Bar

    Selling a rear sway bar for GSU40/45 Kluger. The bar is an adjustable 19mm bar and is in excellent condition. PM me if interested.
  9. Cooper 255/55/19

    I'm selling a set of 4 x Cooper Zeon LTZ 255/55/19 off my Kluger Altitude. These tyres have only done 4987kms and are in excellent condition. PM me if interested.
  10. Crank angle sensor

    Who's the auto elec?
  11. Head Phones

    I am selling 4 brand new Genuine Toyota Head Phones to suit factory DVD players as found in Kluger Grande's and Altitudes. I believe these suit all Toyota Factory roof mounted DVD players. Selling them for $80ea.
  12. Im selling a 19mm blade adjustable rear sway bar to suit GSU40/45 Kluger. It comes with mount bushes and is in excellent condition. Selling for $200.
  13. I'm selling a set of 4 x Cooper Zeon LTZ 255/55/19 off my 2012 Kluger Altitude. I bought these tyres brand new 3 months ago and have done 4788kms on them. I just traded the car in today so I stripped them off. These tyres are in excellent condition with the majority of km's being done driving from Adelaide to Flinders Ranges. PM me if you are interested. I can organise freight at your expense. I will only sell as a set at $1000ono. I haven't had time to take photos, but can do upon request, or tyres can be viewed.
  14. Excessive Cranking on First start up

    Its only pumped as the engine is cranking. As for the fuel filter, try fitting a quality brand i.e. Ryco or Genuine. Depending on the kilometres, you may have a leaking injector causing slight flooding overnight? You may want to try an injector/throttle body clean? There are so many possibilities.