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  1. I put between 600-700km a week of city driving onto my 2010 Prodogy. Its currently just under 120,000kms and i stil get 9.8 to 10 per 100kms.
  2. No Luck... I think I might have to go back to my old USB drive. I wish there was a firmware upgrade for better usb support. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: After searching the net i found the model to be a Fujitsu FT0015A (38009) and there is nowhere I can even find a manual for the unit other than what is said in the Aurion manual which says nothing about the USB connection specifications (other than that you can plug in a usb drive)
  3. Hello Everyone I own a 2010 Prodigy and have been having issues with the usb compatibility. I originally had a 4gb stick which worked perfectly. I copied all the music to a new 8gb stick which in turn still worked correctly. As i had much more space I added music till the stick was nearly full and now it is sayying its not supported. Even when I delete the new files the stick is still saying not supported. Does anyone have the exact statistics about which sizes and compression rates of MP3 and USB drives are compatible with the Audio System? This way I can adjust my music so I am able to listen to a large variety of music again without having to load up the 6 cd stacker and forever rotate the CDs.
  4. The best way if you want to get money for it and don't want to sell to an "unsuspecting buyer" is sell the car to a wreakers. They are pretty highly trained at spotting issues and will buy the car for what they think its worth. This way you get money and no one gets hurt as the car will be pulled apart and sold as individual items.
  5. Hello Everyone My name is Glenn, I live in Perth Western Australia. I just brought a 2010 Toyota Aurion Prodigy. I am extremely happy with the car hence why I thought it would be good to communicate with like wise owners in case I have questions. I hope that everyone has a good week.