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  1. <edit> It looks like detailing world is one of the best resources for this topic. If you are interested in this topic I recommend going here immediately: A car auto salesman told me today: Apparently a lot of car polishes are not clear-coat safe. I assume the toyota 86 comes with a clear coat which means many of the available products can actually damage the clear coat surface that the 86 comes with. Some polishes have "clear coat safe" on the bottle. Russ
  2. Welcome. I'm new here too. I'm waiting on mine to arrive. 11 sleeps. I live in Hobart so I have a whole island full of windy roads and nice scenery :) I plan to take my SLR and get some great photos around tassie. I also plan to buy a go-pro and put some vids on youtube. cheers, Russ
  3. Hi all, this is my first post - I'm buying a red GT86 manual. Should arrive in a couple of weeks. The toyota dealership offered an after sale paint/interior finishing designed to protect the surfaces etc. After some research I've decided that it would be more feasible to wax the car myself etc. I'm not overly experienced and wanted to discuss the topic here to make sure I don't do anything stupid and damage the car. I've searched youtube for vids about car wax/polish etc. I will probably take a sealant over a wax since it's supposed to last longer and I might be a bit lazy to keep it properly maintained. 1 search turned up armour all shield as a good option. I don't want to shell out for a power-tool polisher. I'm happy to wash/polish/buff by hand. Based on what I've learned - this is my plan so far: ASAP polish the car: - 1 avoid direct sunlight - 2 wash it (water and... what kind of soap?) - 3 let it dry - 4 polish it with a sealant - according to the sealants instructions Then obviously re-do the process every so often to keep it in good nick. My main question is about the soap to wash it and if there's any glaring issues to consider regarding the process that might cause any damage etc. I have not done any research on interior surface protection yet. I really appreciate any help that can be offered. Cheers, Russ