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  1. They will probably fit the suspension. 2015 wrx are 5x114.3 but the centre bore is smaller than Toyota. From memory wrx is 56.1 Toyota is 60.1. So you would have to drill out the centre. Honestly not worth it
  2. Mt Donna this Friday night for a drive and a BBQ up top. I'm going with a few tocau guys and non Toyota guys so feel free to come along. Meeting at Lilydale shell on maroondah highway. Time tbc
  3. Yeah I wanna go for a drive too lol. Premeet at watertunnel templestowe at like 7?
  4. Anyone up for a drive or a meet up in the coming week or so?
  5. saw this on twm's website. apparently it fits 2009+ corolla 6 speeds. kinda interested to see if it will fit my zre152 :)
  6. I'm keen maybe we even do a Mt donna run in the early morning. Say Sunday morning to watch the sunrise and play with the snow
  7. You can go aftermarket. I've been running a skunk 2 gear knob for almost 2 months now no problems with going into reverse
  8. Motor ex is this weekend too from what I was told... But I'm going up to Winton fun day tomorrow so won't go. GOR as a day run or stay overnight in Apollo Bay or something?
  9. i should be there if i don't turn up don't wait for me my numbers 0426610108
  10. passed the test so all ahead. I'm in heidelberg so I'm like 15 minutes from you maybe pre meet at donny carpark or the maccas or something? Im still fairly new to driving manual so i will probably take it easy also I've only had the rolla for like a week lol. plus its stock so thats not going to help much lol.
  11. ah ok well if my manual test all goes to plan tomorrow ill join you... where exactly are we going? and is there a pre meet?
  12. I'm keen got a bbq on monday arvo but maybe after? or sunday too weathers supposed to be better on monday