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  1. Freaking awesom David!!! Thanks a lot for putting these up. :)
  2. I will be able to make it! See you guys then
  3. Frag

    ST204 vs ZZT

    Have you ever been to the drags? If not, your statement is invalid.I have taken part in a few drag strip races and at no point would I ever claim them to be "easy" or "skill less" if you will. I completely respect the element of skill involved on a drag strip. I was more referring to highway pulls or anything of similar stature. E.G. will a stock SS or XR8 beat me in a straight line? no doubt. throw a few conners in there and it becomes debatable. no harm intended.
  4. Qualified: Commercial Airline Pilot Applying for the RAAF as a Pilot Unqualified: Mechanic, Race car driver, Music enthusiast, Lover not a fighter.
  5. Agreed, It was nice to meet some of the guys from TOC for the first time. Thanks for letting join in for the meet even though I was not a member yet . I hope we can meet up again in the near future and have a bigger and more mature turnout. Also word on a cruise coming up as well?
  6. Frag

    ST204 vs ZZT

    Depends, anyone can drive fast in a straight line ^_^.
  7. I am going to support the 6th Gen here. Not only because I own one and have fallen in love with the shape, but also continued the Rally pedigree.
  8. There are a significant number of people parting their cars for parts on gumtree and the Celica ST204 model is very popular. I am sure if you had a look under the auto parts section you will quickly find someone with a wrecked Celica that can help you out! Cheers, Frag.
  9. I am sorry this question has not been addressed sooner. Firstly you have the option of shocks and springs or a complete coil over setup. With the springs obviously its the cheaper option as opposed to the coil overs however with the coil overs you get a large range of customisation. To answer your question. With springs there are a range of manufactures that offer products for the ST185 GT4, all with respectable reputation. Tanabe, TEIN, King Spring, Eibach and TRD to name a few and KYB, Tanabe and TRD make shocks to compliment the spring setup. Coil over setups are offered by D2 racing, TEIN, BC Racing, Megan Racing and a few other but these are the main ones that come to mind. You probably know the coil overs are going to offer you a more custom setup for your car I.E. ride height and stiffness that you don't get as much with the springs and shocks but at the price reflects this of course. My personal advise would be if you are going to use it as a daily as well as track work then get a set of KYB shocks and complement it with TEIN S Sport Springs. Hope this helps.
  10. I second the Bridgestone choice. Also have a look at the Dunlop SP Sport 01. This tyre gives a bit more of a sporty edge and they are in the price range of $100 to $120. The wear and tear of any tyre you buy however is going to be dependent on how you take care of the tyre. This all depends on how you drive and if you check the tyre pressure regularly. I can make a set of eco friendly tyres last 30.000KM plus or I can only make them last until the end of the street, if you know what I mean ^_^
  11. Wow, interesting choice. I have never seen the door panels decorated as such. What theme are you going with for the car, or is this just to spice things up a bit? I have a Celica myself but its the model after yours. Effectively it has the same engine and I know a bit about the 5th Gen Celica you got. ^_^
  12. Hey everyone at TOC I had the pleasure of meeting a few of you at a Toyota meet yesterday and the Greenacres McDonalds. I have recently moved to Sydney and I am still getting familiar with the area but so far it is evident that there is more of a love for cars here than where I previously tried to get involved with a car club community (Canberra). Briefly put I have a 1996 Toyota Celica ZR ST204 model, bought really cheap and un loved by its previous owner. I have done quite a lot of work on her to make sure she continues to run smoothly and make her look red carpet worthy. I will most likely start up a thread of the progress on the car however I am looking forward to meeting new people and indulging in activities both on the forum and car meets etc. Kind Regards, Frag