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  1. Doesn't sound like rod knock to me, more sounds like something is loose in the bay or a off tension. Sometimes the idler tensioner can rattle if they are getting tired. (Which btw looks a bit oily... you might need a new cam cover gasket?)
  2. Hey Steven, Chipping i don't believe is a thing for ZZE Corolla, at least not as straight forward as some of the later Toyota models. There might be shops that might be able to "JTAG" it for you, but at the end of the day, for the costs you might be better off getting a replacement aftermarket ECU like a LINK or ViPEC.
  3. Hey Evan! Haven't seen you in a while!! I hear you have the TRD blower now? :) Gotta meet up one day and let me have a peek at the goodies under the bonnet! As for my ZZE, i think i have given it plenty of punishment. 80,000km on NA, driven pretty hard with a few track days thrown in for good measure. Never skipped a beat. 25,000km on Supercharger, TRD blower, runs pretty hot and still puts up with the punishment. I had a Power FC by then, but the motor is still mechanically sound 30,000km on turbo setup, running about 13psi boost, changed to ecu to Vipec, but again mechnically the motor has n
  4. Ok, I have not posted here in a while. But I had to after reading all this. Thanks, it provided me with entertainment for the day. :)
  5. A correctly sized turbo will give you more response than a supercharger. Here are the pages on my car... http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18153&st=0 and an older one... http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15425 I think i have accidently deleted the photos from my host, i will try and replace them later.
  6. Oh yeah, not running Power FC anymore... Vipec all the way. it is only 1000x better!!
  7. Nope, not even close. 10,000km on 9psi (stock wastegate pressure) after that the boost was changed to... 1st gear - wastegate pressure (9psi) 2nd gear - approx 10 psi 3rd gear - approx 12 psi 4th, 5th and 6th - almost 14psi she hasn't popped, and the best thing is, no oil loss either! :) But plenty of tyre loss :( VERY happy with it.
  8. i suggest you start by comparing the wiring of the stock ZZE-123 to the stock ZZE-122 wiring. Personally if i was to do the swap i get a zze-123 front cut and steal the climate control from that too, then you won't have to be messing around with the ZC triggers etc. However having said that, if you are going only for the motor, then the engine loom alone would be ok. ZZE-123 in japan has both with or without climate control. again, compare the wiring diagrams of both vehicles and you will find that there might be a couple pins you need to change/swap then that's it. The swap should be very, VE
  9. Learn to read... learn to port! match to gasket or you will create unnecessary turbulance. Hahaha, dude, hence "learn to read". you're doing it again. :)
  10. Pippy

    Evo's 1zz

    oh bugger! hasn't he finished your intake for you yet?! It sounded so good tho!! :(
  11. Pippy

    Evo's 1zz

    When are you guys going? i might come along? i need to send my car down the 1/4 too :) maybe? Evan, don't worry about showing or not showing the dyno chart too much. Good or bad, you've gone the effort and having the guts of actually doing something. As for everyone else that bag you for not showing it or showing a chart with poort figures can shove it, coz what would they know??
  12. I'm pretty sure Harry has a Stage 1 or stage 2 in his supercharged setup.
  13. A turbo! They're the best mufflers ever! Lukey is great, used it when i had my supercharger, i used the dogleg design ones. What size are you going for??
  14. You sure the linkage will work? The 6th gear difference between the c60 and c64 isn't worth fighting for, it'll make no difference to your top speed unless you have 300+hp to push through the drag. And I'm yet to see a track in Australia where you can reach that speed with a 1.8L engine. To answer the question about my gearbox, C60 box from a JDM celica with LSD option fitted. The linkages were already swapped around for me when i got the box, so for a fact that they are required to be changed. I must agree with Dave on the point that if you already have a C64 there's not much point going to
  15. Its not vital to have that cover, infact i'd prefer it without (still haven't got it in). Had my clutch swapped the first time the idiots put it in back to front and it got ground up pretty good, then ended up rattling!! :( I managed to find a replacement at the wreckers, so i'd imagine you might be able to find one there! If not let me know, i can sell you the one that i bought (since i prefer it without! :) ) Cheers.

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