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  1. Is anyone here selling a set of the TRD brake kit to fit my 2007 ZR6?
  2. Still searching for a set of TRD brakes :(
  3. She is getting really impatient..
  4. Hey guys, I'm desperately trying to find a set of the TRD brake kit for my 2007 aurion sportivo, if anyone has and is selling a set please let me know, thanks!
  5. Sweet, I'll give em a call
  6. I got quoted today finally after a week he called me back and said brembo will have to make you custom brakes for your aurion and it's going to cost $5000 for the front and $5000 for the back and $500 for installation.. So that's $10500 if I get custom brembos hahahaha what a joke, I'd rather put that money in to the performance
  7. I'm pretty sure it would, the camry is so similar to the aurion, my typhoon cold air intake is for the camry and it bolted straight on with no adjustments it fit 100% so I think the brakes should be the same
  8. I'm pretty sure the kluger brembos bolt straight on the aurion with only small adjustments
  9. I will find out next Saturday and let you know..
  10. Yea I will try to get my hands on them :) I'm going to Queen Street customs next Saturday for my coilovers and camber kit I'll ask them if they can get a kluger set for me
  11. Let me know how it goes
  12. Rebz, Luke told me you are turbo charging your car, when is it going to be finished?
  13. Do you know how much it will cost and where abouts I can go to get them custom made buddy?
  14. That's what I heard.. I have to do some more research about the brembo brakes for the kluger