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  1. got them from BC racing has to call em up or you can call any suspenstion place and ask them to find it for you
  2. If you want stock suspension then go 18" as for offset i dont know any site i just googled a lot of stuff but the stock off set is 45 im running 35 and im on stance anymore than 35 it will poke out a lot and also the rear has slight camber stock the front does not. so if your not going to drop your car then you will have wheel gap im running 18" with ku31s 245/35
  3. Sorry been busy at work. Thanks for the link Jeffry appreciate it new photos coming soon after some vynal work
  4. lol im not sure the auto lights have never turned the high beams on before i shall go to like a pitch black road and see. Also thanks for all the love haha
  5. RO11ER

    Aurion On Air

    Nice ride rob you need to install a bottle opener somewhere haha
  6. I have auris badges coming from jap and I'm getting a rear one made thats the reason lol
  7. Actually you should be ok after doing some math it will still sit in the guard but your going to have lots of wheel gap from your tyre to the guard
  8. Are you running coilovers ?? If not that might rub if you drive hard over something cause your wheels will be about 2 mm negative from the guard
  9. its a 1.8 and yeh like i said its loud for me too but easy fix haha. ill take some new photos soon just been busy with work.
  10. lol in total from stock hight 3 - 3 and a half inches from my current ride hight about another inch
  11. Hey guys my levin zr just got a new exhaust put in bit loud for me but still sounds nice :) ( i went through a tunnel as well lol )