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  1. Correct, Toyota call it a spiral cable but it's essentially the same thing.
  2. ūü§Ē problem sorted. Turns out the problem is a result of broken plastic tabs in the steering wheel horn button mechanism. There are 4 bolts that are insulated with plastic inserts that isolate both parts of the horn button that make contact when you push the pad. Under 2 of the bolts the plastic insulation was gone which meant both sides of the horn button were making permanent contact. This didn't come to light until the spiral cable was fixed. Toyota claim it was working properly when in left their work shop. If it was, it was a fluke. Anyway it was an easy fix. I made 2 plastic insulating washers to go under the bolts and now all working properly. Toyota sparky didn't diagnose it, I figured it out when I got back from the dealership.
  3. So what year does p/n 31420-0k0030 fit ?
  4. Thanks mate, yes I'm convinced they have stuffed up, I have called them and taking it back tomorrow to check again. They only replaced the spiral cable in the steering wheel.
  5. There is +12v at the horn at all times until the horn button is pressed then it goes away ? Yes, when I reconnected to the plug it went continuously until the button was pressed. This is how I got it back from the Toyota dealer after they replaced the cable in the steering wheel. They didn't indicate to me anything was not working properly. I would like a circuit diagram to see how it is actually cabled.
  6. Can anyone tell me where I can get a circuit diagram for the horn circuit on a 2006 lux. The spiral cable in the steering wheel has just been replaced on a recall after many years of not working. Now the single wire horn plug behind the grill has +12v in normal state & the +12v goes when the horn button is pressed. Very strange ? Is this normal ?
  7. Thanks guys, checking the loom was my next move if nobody has done it before. If the SR5 had them I thought it may have shared a common loom and the plugs for mirrors & control panel were there but not utilized ?
  8. My 2006 SR dual cab does not have electric rear view mirrors, does anyone know if the SR wiring loom has the necessary cables/plugs for electric mirrors ? In the user manual it says the SR has electric mirrors but this one doesn't, it must have been an option.
  9. Looking for some reasonably priced canvas seat covers for a dual cab 4x4 Hilux. 4wd superstore have some nice Front seat covers for $44 pair but they don't have back seat covers. The front ones are cheap and I have used them before and found them excellent for the money.
  10. Thank you Shaun. I could not open the attachment though. Adobe came up with an error. Any chance you could email it to me at dasundancekidz@gmail.com John
  11. Can anyone tell me where I can find information on how to identify hilux/hiace diff centres ? stamp on the crown wheel is 9 x 37 68 1 31 R45 4.11 ratio but is there a any way of telling which vehicles it will fit ? John

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