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  1. Thank you! I've tried to keep it clean and modify it as tastefully as I could. It just needs a bit more power to make it more fun!
  2. Haha I'll keep that in mind :) still figuring out my way around here ..
  3. Hi guys just thought I'd introduce myself.. My names Nick and I'm from Melbourne , soon to be moving to Queensland. I drive a 2014 Corolla levin ZR hatch in the crystal pearl colour and I'm quite happy with it. I've made a few little subtle changes to it such as lowering the car 30mm using king springs, fitted 18" ROH Korsa wheels with Pirelli P1 tyres, BMC air filter, carbon fibre mirror shells, painted badges in satin black, tinted the rear tail lights using a film & welded some exhaust tips onto the existing muffler ( as I didn't want a sound increase) . This car really does have everything for what you pay however the performance side of things is a bit of a let down.. I don't know why Toyota didn't release the levin model with a bigger motor or with the addition of a turbo or supercharger.. It would've made it more fun to drive and more enticing to people who are in the hot hatch market.
  4. Yeah I know and they are in the correct post before I upload them as well :| so who knows.. But yeah ROH are great and a reputable brand and soon as I saw this design I was all over them! :)
  5. Hey guys just thought I'd share a few pics of recently just installing king springs and fitting new wheels. They are made by ROH Australia and are 18x8 in size with a +45 offset. As for tyres they are 225/40/18 Pirelli P1 tyres which I think for their price is really good. With the new springs the car feels so much better on the road with less swaying and being only slightly firmer without compromising on ride quality. As for the photos I don't know why they are showing up sideways as they are in the right orientation When I upload them :/
  6. I sure have! :) I'd love to get the trd front lip in the gloss black.. Not too keen on the front grille though.. Unless you paint it black or wrap in carbon then maybe.. I was emailing garage 88 in NSW so looks like I'll be making a few purchases with them in the near future :) as for now I just wanna get these dam springs fitted then decide if I want new wheels or not as I do prefer wheels being flush with the guards and these pitlane ones don't quite do it for me.. If they had been in 18" and a bit wider them they would've been perfect.
  7. Thankyou :) and yes haha waiting on springs to come this week.. Ended up getting king springs .. A nice 30 mm drop.. Wouldn't mind changing the wheels up to 18" and more flush with the guards
  8. I don't have the podium II wheels but I did get the 17" pitlane II wheels and the wheel nuts were still the same.. When you buy the new rims from Toyota you get 5 new bolts included per wheel
  9. The struggle is real :( Haha but thanks anyway and yeah man gotta love that pearl :) I had the euro plates on my previous car ( w209 Mercedes clk) so I didn't want to just throw them to the side as they are my own personal ones so I just had them re made into the slimline version. Believe me it's going against everything I say too because I used to frown at non European cars with euro plates.. But ahh well I guess the auris in all the other euro countries wear them so I just decided to leave them.. As for the stripe haha yes your right.. Amg inspired.. It was supposed to be a very fine strip but when the guy finished doing it I had realised that I didn't tell him how fine I wanted it. I did have in mind to either wrap or plastidip it in a gloss black like the Corolla RZ version.. Looks much cleaner imo.
  10. Thank you! I'm new to the whole jap car scene.. I'm more of a euro car guy but bought this car Igor the mean time and to be honest I'm quite impressed with it.. Apart from power it really does have all the goodies that you could ask for :)
  11. Hi guys just thought I'd share some pics of my car.. I've seen heaps of these on the roads and not many people have played around with them yet so just wanted to see what other members have done :) Mine is a 2014 levin Zr in the crystal pearl colour.. I've only done very basic mods to it such as tinted tail lights, Bmc panel filter, painted calipers, exhaust tips, carbon fibre mirror covers, painted badges black and changed the oem levin wheels to these pitlane II wheels. I've got king springs on the way so looking forward to that because the car is sitting like a land cruiser at the moment. It's just a shame that Toyota didn't release a performance engine in the range especially in the levin model to compete with all the other hot hatches out there.. A nice turbo or supercharger would've made things more exciting.