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  1. No worries instructions attached if you cant access let me know your email and I will send them to to direct. mkpdf.pdf
  2. Jim, I never had any issues with mine it was as the instructions show, sorry
  3. Did not have any issues with mine from what I remember, my kit came with 4 lights 2 for the front and 2 for the rear which I did not use, it was a genuine Toyota kit is yours? I still have the instructions that came with mine I can email them to you?
  4. Done you should have it by now!
  5. Send me you email address and I will get it to you
  6. On its way, check your in box
  7. Had some issues a while back with a Gold Camry Sportivo paint job after an rear end shunt accident, looked great until you put your polorized sunnies on in full sun then you could see where they had sprayed. They thought I was crazy till I pointed out the sprry lines that could not be seen with the naked eye. Made them do it again!
  8. Not long once I had worked out how to get everything apart, around 1hr 45min all up, the biggest problem is getting the "A" Pillar covers off where the air bags are to get to the initial connection, then its just a case of threading the cables through the maze behind the dash. Did a reversing camera a few weeks ago and it was way easier.I recommend to anyone trying anything like this to get yourself a trim removal kit off eBay, really cheap anywhere from around $10 upwards, saves so much time and damage to the car trim, cover the gear shift area with a towel or small blanket to also prevent damage especially to the touch screen or audio equipment.
  9. Done! let me know if you don't get them
  10. Cant see how to post photos, perhaps someone can let me know?, however there are lots of photos on line if you search for Toyota 86 centre console armrest. Here is the link for the fitting instructions; If anyone wants one I suggest speaking to Chris at Cheap Toyota Parts UK, Cost was around $265 delivered, was quoted $600 from Sydney City Toyota
  11. Just fitted a centre console arm rest, genuine Toyota. Managed to get it sent over from the UK, half the price of buying it here.
  12. Was that a yes you want a copy? if so let me know your email and I'll send it.
  13. Managed to get the instructions from a friendly Toyota Dealer, who was good enough to send me a PDF file so if anyone needs a copy let me know.
  14. Finally found the installation instructions, just finished putting them in. Looks great but a real **** of a job to do, almost have to remove most of the dash board, not for the faint of heart!