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  1. Wheel Brand/Design: Work VS-XX Wheel size: 19" Wheel width: Rears 10 inches! Haven't sorted the fronts yet Wheel offset: Roughly +36ish Tire size: 245/35R19 Suspension type: Coiloverz Feedback:
  2. Nar 3020watt is the exact peak power that my amp produces. Im not sure about the Alt i read somewhere you just get the stock one wound tighter or something best ask an auto sparky lol
  3. well the Rockfords I had always wanted and could never afford when I found a set i as like BOOM sold. The Alpines came outta my old car and IMO the L7 is one of the best subs made and I got a great deal. The quality is perfect I've never had them distort or anything. As for power the birth certificate with the ZX was at 3020w . I was just looking at those yellow top Ultima batteries. Haha yeah don't drive with it extremly loud its more of a party trick/showing off kinda thing haahaha
  4. I have Slide Industies Coilovers but the business is no longer operating (owner ripped a lot of people off) but they are quite good. Mine is a little bit low about 60mm from the ground to the rails but that's how I like it. As for springs lows (lowers 30mm) can use standard shocks but super(Lowers 50mm) and ultras (Not Available for GSV40s) need shorter shocks. You can go on the king Spring website and that will tell you or alternatively you can just go to Supercheap and they will tell you. Mine on Stock 17s
  5. I have a Pioneer double din head unit. Speakers: Rockford Fosgate Power T162S front components, Alpine Type R 6x9 Subs: Twin 12" Kicker L7's Amps: 1x Kicker KX 400.4 4 Channel Amp and 1x Kicker ZX 2500.1 Wire: 0 gauge throughout Sound Deadening: Dynamat Extreme one all doors, parcel shelf and boot lid Without the speaker amp connected the subs will flex the front and rear windscreen but when its all connected the subs ran out of available power and cut out (Battery and Alternator upgrade were on the cards but now aren't a necessity). if it didn't cut out an could reach its potential it would be 10/10. All up cost no more than $3000 mostly 2nd hand parts I scored cheap PS: I have no boot space and I'm Screwed if I ever get a flat tyre.
  6. Yep mines a bit more discreet
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