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  1. Oh and by the way the car had just over 100,000 when the injectors were done it has just over 120,000 at the moment.
  2. Hi. Thanks for replying. Well from memory from what was told to me. The injectors were replaced because of them being clogged up also seeing by as they use the fuel more than once through the engine to reduce carbon emissions. When they were replaced the ECG wasn't found to be working so. What are you effectively saying to not alter it in any way? Just trying to understand :) Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. My dad has a '05 hilux 3L TD D4-D White the first of the new shape, after spending a fair bit of money on redoing the injectors because they weren't coded right or something dad didn't explain it well. Seeing as I am going to help pay we have decided on a new exhaust then a bull bar reversing lights (small square flood lights), then a light bar on the bull bar. We are going for the colour coded ARB Alloy with the Warn Winch (not a full 4wder but do go on hunting trips). Not sure what LED Cree light bar. (any opinions would be great) We are unsure on what way to do the exhaus

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