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  1. thanks mate - appreciate the info - my comment on the rarity of yellow was very much tongue I cheek !
  2. Hi guys I have just inherited (of sorts) an RN36 Short wheel base hilux (1980). Its a little tired but completely original down to the factory boom box AM radio!. I have heard mixed stories of the origins of the SWB - someone told me that Toyota Australia brought in 200 of these as a trial to see how they would sell (as the first 4x4 Hilux in Australia) and someone else told me they were a limited run as a sports utility vs tradesmans car Would be really interested to know if anyone has any info on how many came in and any other info on them cheers Bill ps - its in a very rare colour for 1980............... yellow ! :-)
  3. Hi mate I had an 86 xtra cab that had a 253 in it (conversion not done by me) and that had a HJ75 radiator in it - i think the top (and poss bottom) of the tank was slightly modified to allow for the top cooling hose but otherwise it was a good fit - thermo fan wont help that much if you dont have enough volume of water in the radiator cheers
  4. what is the fault light ? - can you post a pic of it - its unlikely to be related unless you have done something really wrong! - which it sounds like you have not
  5. thanks mate what always amazes me is some of the cars i have picked up have had the worst treatment/conditions thrown at them in their lives and yet despite this are still going strong (despite a few cosmetics!) - i bought my troopcarrier at 350,000 ks, it came from a northwest council and had been used effectively as a trailer to cart junk around in! - clicked over 500,000 last year on the original engine, gearbox and diffs
  6. hi guys am a newbie here and having a small problem with a RZN169 2002 Hilux SR5 i picked up recently - dont know the cars history but it has around 300k's on it so its not what you would call showroom condition! The electric mirrors, radio and clock are all not working - i have checked every fuse under the bonnet and in the drivers side kick panel - all are fine Anybody have any clues as to what the problem might be - it is possible that they are all co-incidently stuffed but would have thought unlikely..... cheers Bill
  7. Gday i am a new member here and glad i found the forum, to be honest surprised i have not joined earlier as i have owned a few toyotas... how many? - a rough list below! - why so many? - well my Dad used to work at a dealership and i used to pick up some of the trade ins they didnt want - became a bad habit! i have pulled enough of them apart and put back together (yes been through a few plastic clips!) and have a healthy box of left over srews and bolts! Current Rides - 200 series Landcruiser (Wifes) 1996 Troopy carrier with 500'ks(cant bring myself to sell it), 2002 Hilux SR5 4x4 - my daily driver Landcruisers 8 Prado's 4 Hilux's 9 4runners 3 Rav4 1 Corolla 5 T18 4 AE86 Sprinter4 looking forward to sharing some tips and tricks! cheers Bill