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  1. Grouse ride, where abouts in this backwards kvnt of a ***** hole town do you live?
  2. G'day G'Day tocau, how are we?? Its been a long time since I have been on here.... Just a quick question, I got 4 weeks before the Mrs pops our son, and I am in the process of changing the car to stock to sell. I just want to double confirm If the exhaust and airbox is interchangeable between the facelift and pre facelifted sportivos???? lots of hugs and kisses Simo
  3. this thread confuses me I thought you were meant to leave your car parked in gear with the handbrake off so you dont warp your rotors? always started cars with the clutch in regardless, how would it be an inconvenience?
  4. you work for the tourism department or sum****?
  5. ahh, grouse stuff, I really need to sell my car to fund things such as a wedding and mini simo, hopefully its as easy as you said it was.
  6. Yes, at a loss of it elsewhere. Don't even think about remapping ignition timing without some sort of aftermarket ECU... I suppose if anybody wanted to get a bit fancy, I can see a set of quads from a SR20 hanging off the front of the head quite nicely... I have been researching this ;) and from what I have been able to gather, and from discussing with a friend, a set from a 20v 4A would be should be easier, but then again he dont know 2ZZ, do you honestly beleive SR20 would be better for the 2ZZ?
  7. Sall good darlin, some here on TOCAU can surely appreciate donks that are always ****ting them selves :P
  8. Aww, its one of them bloody poofter things :P :D
  9. Price of paint at trade price and a box of ***** for me.
  10. Simo

    Old demo

    Every time I have posted a demo here, I have had a good response. Lately I have been feeling very nostalgic, and dug up some old mixes. Here is one I mixed in 2006, quite old, so old its mixed on the humble ol 12" ;) anyways, enjoy :) http://www.sendspace.com/file/0yfnlw Mix Name: TranceScape IV Style(s): Trance Date: 13/01/2006 Filesize: 65 Meg Running Time: 1 hour Tracklist: 56:50 1.haylon - starfighter (jonas stuer remix) 2.Angelstyle - insider 3.Agnelli and nelson feat the burn - shivver (JOC remix) 4.factoria - kissed... by an angel 5.armanja - memories 6.andy moor - halcyon (alex morph r
  11. Just spotted a rather tidy facelifted stivo at work at QV1 building. Black with black rims, buddy clubs I think, number plates [xiaobet1] I think.
  12. Tell em to gob yer nutsack, the joint I went to said the same thing till they jacked my car up and had a look. 2.5" all the way, and too me varex is a waste of cash, if you dont want trouble with mr plod then dont mod your car, my 2c.

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