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  1. desperaterobots

    New Rukus Owner! Question about Keys!

    Thanks all! Yeah I looked at the user manual tonight and learned about the physical keys. Feeling stupid now. :P Would be keen to hear any recommendations on replacing the audio unit! Mine seems to default to playing shuffled tracks from my entire iPod over bluetooth - there's basically no way to select an artist/album/playlist etc. It's a total bummer, and a waste of a huge screen!
  2. desperaterobots

    Flex - The journey of a box ( Updated 13/01/14 )

    Those sequenced turn signals + rear LED brake/reverse/indicator lights are **** rad. The whole thing is brilliant.
  3. desperaterobots

    New Rukus Owner! Question about Keys!

    Hey guys! Picked up a 2010 Build 2 about a month ago. Veryyyyy happy with it so far! I have some questions about the smartkeys though... 1) Did you guys recieve normal mechanical keys from your dealer as well as the smartkeys? My used dealer only gave me two smartkey fobs. 2) Do you guys have intermittent issues with your smartkey not being recognised when you touch the door handle? I've been having this trouble, not sure if I need to replace the batteries or not; or if I need to go to a Toyota dealer for help. 3) How often should I expect to replace the batteries in my smartkeys? Thanks! :D Also wondering if anyone has any god recommendations for replacing the original toyota audio unit as I think it's kind of ****ty! :P