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  1. Hi everyone i am in need of a new front bumper as some **** scraped it and it will cost $600-$1000 to fix. I would prefer it in graphite but doesn't matter that much if it isn't. Located north Brisbane
  2. thats mainly where the revs are on the highway
  3. Thanks everyone... sorry for the late reply been away. I think i might just get either a muffler delete or put in 2 xforce varex mufflers. Does anyone know if you get any drone with muffler delete?
  4. Hey guys I was wondering is there chip for the 2012 aurion... wanting a bit more power
  5. Do you know what type of rear muffler I should get. I want something loud but not deep and doesn't drone.
  6. Thanks Jason I will have a look at that. I don't mind traveling Trent.
  7. Okay before all of use say this has been answered before I get it. I have a 2012 toyota sx6 and I was wondering is there a bolt on for my car. If not any tips would be great. If I have to go custom what should I get and how much.I was planning to get a 2.5" high flow catback stainless steel. I would like to get mandrel bent but might cost a bit much as I am a p plater. What muffler should I get so I can reduce drone. Located Brisbane North Cheers
  8. Tonight I will get my uncle who is going to adjust my headlights and see if that's any better.
  9. i have a 2012 aurion sx6 and I bought the hid from autobahn. They cost $110 but if I went to a Auto Electrician they would charge $240 plus.
  10. I have installed them they look so good but there is a slight problem. I don't know if it is the hid or the colour I choose (6000k) but the light doesn't go that far and I can't see my surrounding...what would be the problem. Tomorrow night I will adjust my headlights to see if that fixes it. Also does anyone have that shadow or blackness on the ground right under the light Thanks in advanced
  11. Thanks Lincoln. I did that but the HID light didn't light up. i made sure i put them in the right one. black to black and red to the other colour
  12. its for low beam...and thanks mate
  13. Hey guys. so i bough some HID lights and i am having some trouble installing them. there are 2 cables red and black and i have no idea where to put them
  14. Hello all im new here and i have a 2012 sportivo sx6 and i was just wondering is this the same engine as the 40 series. I am only asking because i am look at doing some mods to get more power etc. i have seen some exhaust videos from the 40 series and was wondering would it sound the same. Also would love some help with mods. cheers
  15. great car i have had mine fro about 8 month not a problem with it. i have already installed a exhaust system, led light bar to the number plate and also a uhf (only when i go on a road trip).the only thing i don't like is i bought it used so it has a lot of dents scratches etc. looking to installing a front strut bar new head lights and replacing my 35% tint to 25%.

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