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  1. does anybody have any pictures engine bay pictures at all of the process? any help would really be appreciated.
  2. +1 if anybody has information on smashing synchros
  3. Hey guys I'm quite confused by whitelines site, it has a front sway bar for my model, but then says it is excluded? heres the link http://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=BTF72Z can anybody tell me whether this will fit an 05 corolla sportivo or know of someone with experience in the matter? thank you in advanced
  4. yep, will deinitely be getting a reso, just a matter of size and shape now. setup is looking like: -2.25 or 2.5 inch catback -resonator (still to be decided on type) -magnaflow muffler
  5. I wouldnt mind a little bit of rasp, but not full blown B16 with straight pipes rasp. Could anybody shed light on setups they have and how they sound?
  6. How does your exhaust setup sound? Do you happen to have ay clips of it?
  7. thanks for the informative reply. i am thinking of going into the exhaust shop and speaking about them with this muffler they have suggested. it is 2.25 inches stock. this leads me to my next question, which is whether anyone could vouch for resonator or no resonator and why? really hard trying to go for a setup when you have nothing to base it on. :(
  8. Looking for a custom catback at a local shop near me for my 05 stivo. Here is what i was thinking: -2.5" tube -resonator (unsure on type) -magnaflow 14801 muffler Does anyone have experience or know how the magnaflow sounds (or do majority sound similar)? A local shop says they have a muffler that is the exact same design, though almost 200 cheaper in terms of the total cost of the job. Does the muffler alone make that much of a difference to the exhaust note in terms of a set up like this? Can anybody recommend how certain types of resonators will effect the sound? (long vs short etc) any advice would be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, first time poster. Ive recently purchased a white Corolla Sportivo, 05 model, and have been looking into parts for it. Does anybody have experience with Injen intake or AEM in terms of ease of installation? Also what intakes can be recommended in terms of best gains (if any) and best sound. I have searched the pinned post and these answers arent exactly there. Also planning on lowering it (KingSpring lows), and getting a custom 2.5" catback with some sort of muffler with dual tips (any input here also appreciated) Any help would be great! Thanks guys