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  1. ok so under the car any ideas where the wiring runs? a lot of the wiring has been moved or removes so im not to sure where to look
  2. Hey I have a 2wd 93 hilux with a worked 253 in it. To keep it cool I am running a davies craig electric water pump and I bought a alloy 2 pass radiator for a hotrod from ian boettchers motorsport and welded custom brackets on it. im running twin 10" thermos on the outside. I can idle in the shed with the doors closed and the temp wont budge past 90. Hope this helps
  3. Hi I am nearly finished my v8 hilux build but im having trouble finding the wiring that would go to the dash cluster for the speedo sender. Could anyone shed any light on where to look or post up a pic for me please. Thanks in advance