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  1. Does anyone use K&N air filter costs around $100 incl shipping? I am interested in modifying my Aurion and want to start with changing air intake filter. I would like to know what exactly K&N filter can do? higher hp? wilder sound? then lower part life? if it is a bad idea, then any recommendation? (I do not like too noisy sound, but a little bit low wild sound) thanks
  2. Hi guys, I am driving Toyota Aurion 2006 and I changed my car battery with Bosch battery from Costco. When my girlfriend parked the car before she started working yesterday, she might turn on an interior light, I guess, thus the battery ran out and RACV roadside assistant guy said Bosch battery's capacity is only 550cc compared to others have 600cc. He printed out the battery test result and asked me to get warranty. Should I buy a new Bosch battery? or get another battery? which brand would you guys recommend? in a price range of $100~$150? thank you.
  3. Oh yes, I just checked that Bob Jane offers $100 for T001 and one T001 is 179, so all together 616, much cheaper lol I might go with T001 Thank you so much.
  4. The tyres on my Aurion 2006 need to be change soon and I am choosing which brand to buy. I have two options, Bridgestone Turanza T001 - $170 Michelin Primacy LC - $190 but when I buy Michelin 4 tyres, I can get $70 cash back, then which tyre would you be recommending? I prefer longer life one, I think performance and noise are not big different. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for your comments wheels are all 17*8 :)
  6. so have questions. 1. should all tyres be same size? all 225 or all 245? can i use two of 225 and two of 245? 2. if i can, 225 for front? or 245 for front? thank you.
  7. Hi, I have Aurion AT-X, 2006 and currently using 215/60/16 tyres with alloys and thinking to inch-up to 17". The alloy wheels I bought are from Lexus IS 250 with two 225/45/17 and another one is 245/45/17 and the other one is wheel only ( I reckon IS250 is rear wheel drive, so 225 for front and 245 for rear). As the three tyres have road worthy treads, I think I will use the current tyres then buy the recommended size which is 215/55/17. If I buy only one 245/45/17 tyre, can I use these tyres for my Aurion? or if I need to use all same sized tyres, better buying two 225 tyres? Many thanks