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  1. Clemy7afe

    ZRE corolla

    Well Done keep the ZRE flag flying
  2. Update: This weekend I made small changes to the appearance of the car... Images below.. \ Let me know your thoughts ^_^ PS. I am still on the lookout for the TRD rear spoiler and diffuser :) Regards...
  3. WICKED!! nice attention to detail bru...
  4. Hey Guys, Does any one have any leads?? I am really wanting this part and the rear diffuser. Thanks Kind Regards
  5. So i am trying to make the vehicle more TRD authentic.. and the TRD air Filter has finally arrived.. I need to do my Brake discs and Pads, so anymore TRD parts will have to be on hold for now :)
  6. Hks Supercharger oil has arrived :) Just waiting on my TRD air Filter to arrive next week :)
  7. I am from South Africa. I came across this website when i had my zze123 rolla.. Here are some images and specs of my current zre152: 2012 Toyota Auris TRD 1zrfae Engine Factory Fitted Supercharger 132kw (177hp) and 200nm TRD Sportivo suspension Current Modifications: None Future Modifications: TRD air filter (on order) TRD Rear Spoiler (i am searching for this part) TRD Rear Diffuser (i am searching for this part) weapon-r header De-cat smaller supercharger pulley Sunroof Sorry if the images are massive, first time posting images on this board :(
  8. Great Stuff Flipsta24! I am sure it is looking good, cant wait to see the pics. Keep up the good work! I have recently ordered my TRD filter, just waiting on delivery from Japan :)
  9. i sourced one and have it sitting in my garage waiting for install, i managed to source it from my local dealer which sold TRD performance parts. as far as im aware there are no more spoilers available as they are now discontinued. only way to find one is second hand. Lucky guy! I have just received confirmation that they cant make it for me.. which sucks! If you should come across any TRD rear spoiler or diffuser please let me know... Goodluck with the build ;)
  10. Goodluck bud.. I am still on the look out for the TRD rear spoiler, but have contacted TRD directly... waiting on feedback :(
  11. Hi Bud, the TRD website still lists the Front SPoiler.. but get it before its discontinued
  12. Hi all, I am in search of the above spoiler.. Do you know of anyone selling one? if there are any replica's, i will gladly buy it based on the quality of the fitment.. Regards Clement
  13. Hey Guys, I am in search of the MS342-12001 spoiler.. for the zre152. Kind Regards Clemy