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  1. I thought there was only 1 ECU unit, rather than a separate ECU for wireless door lock control. Thanks for your help, maybe better when beers wear off though :D . I can see above diagram it seems to be for 1 & 2 generation celica. My celica is 96 (6th generation). I removed radio before and I am pretty sure that where this diagram says ECU located, is where amplifier sits. Thanks very much for trying to help :)
  2. Hello, I just purchased a 1996 Celica sx ST204. I have found reprogramming instructions to link/sync remote locking FOB with car. Instructions say that I must find "ECU reprogramming button" . Button should be indented ie. need a pen or paper clip to press button in for 3-seconds. Instructions say ECU should be located either under 1 of front seats, in boot, or under dashboard driver side. I have checked thoroughly under seats and in boot and can't find ECU button :( . I have checked around and under driver side dash and found something that opens up and has fuses (changes CIG/radio fuse successfully) . The only other possible location I can find is: under the steering wheel, there is a rectangular panel which seems to be removable. (I tried to softly pry open with screw driver, but do not want to force it and break it, especially if ECU is not even there) I am hoping, PLEASE, DOES ANYBODY KNOW LOCATION OF "ECU REPROGRAMMING BUTTON" 1996 CELICA SX ST204 ???? Thank you for reading (and hopefully helping) :)