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  1. Thanks Trent. I'm going to call another dealership this morning. Will let you know what happens
  2. Quick question, Do the external side mirrors move (adjust) when you select a different saved seat position? I know my Kluger had this function but not sure if Prado does. If it does, mine doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone confirm if Prado does do this? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I've just bought a new 2016 Prado Kakadu and just have a few questions which I'm hoping someone can answer. Does anyone have a vibration in the brake pedal when you brake? Its intermittent and only lasts a second or two, not the entire time of braking. Its not a "deep" vibration like when discs need machining, but more like a buzzing vibration. It can happen when the car is in park and you press the brake, slowing down or stopping. I went to my local dealer today and was told that it is supposedly some sort of brake pump working and making that vibration (sorry, can't be more specific than that because that's all I was told). I was reassured that this vibration is completely normal and every Prado has it. Funnily enough, the 3 Prados I test drove before buying mine, didn't have any sort of vibration in the brake pedal. Any ideas anyone? Thanks! Nat
  4. Jess, I really don't think me learning to drive is the issue here, especially when I learnt to drive on large vehicles which did not have reversing cameras, sensors, etc. In short, without any mod cons that vehicles have these days. The real issue behind me wanting the reversing camera on my car to work is........ When I buy anything I expect it to work properly. In this case it is a car which I have paid over $70,000 for. I expect things to work first time, every time - regardless if it is an air con vent, door handle, sunroof or the reversing camera. Something wasn't working on my new car so I got it fixed. If you want to pay money for a car and not have things work - that's your problem. I don't think its a reason for you to slight someone who does expect a higher standard from their car. Thank you for expressing your opinion - although I'm not sure why you chose to express your opinion in a post that has had no activity for the past 3 months.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has fitted 4 head front park assist sensors to their 2014/15 Kluger? I know I am able to get Toyota genuine sensors but only 2 head which cover the front corners of the car but I want the 4. Toyota say 4 head can't be done because of the large front grille. Is it possible to do it anyway? Any ideas if I can get these installed and any ideas where? I'm in Sydney. Thanks! Nat
  6. Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I posted but the issue has been resolved. Toyota found out about the problem and issued a software update. Update done! Hasn't happened since!
  7. I was getting ready to post that if anyone has a problem with their vehicle, all they need to do is post here and the problem will fix itself. And never happen again! Or so it seemed in my case, Ever since I posted here over 10 days ago, I have not had a single issue with the reversing cam. Not a single one. Until today. It failed to kick in 3 times this morning on 3 different trips - all before 9.30am. I did investigate further and when I put the car in reverse, the car does recognise that it is in reverse on the dash cluster and the reversing tail lights work and so do the sensors. It's just the cam that doesn't work. It has to be a HU connection somewhere. Otherwise, the car knows its Monday morning and is just doing a half assed job at working properly. I have video this time so hopefully this will be enough for the dealer service dept to fix the issue. Wish me luck!
  8. I will try the US forum. Thanks Speedz. Yes, I knew about Hyundai taking the name "Highlander" but trust me, Hyundai's Highlander is a piece of s**t (have owned 2). Toyota don't seem to be great at picking names for their cars - "Yaris" - great car but awful name (reminds me of a yucky you might get surgically removed off the bottom of your foot) Not fussed on "Kluger" either - supposed to mean "clever" but if you look at the urban dictionary, it gives you a completely different perspective!! :o
  9. Thanks trentmeyer. Will do this! Thanks Speedz. Software upgrade has been done and I was wondering if it could be a head unit connection. I'm going to investigate further. I'm going to check to see if the reversing lights and sensors work when the camera doesn't work. Doing some Googling, apparently there is a reversing switch somewhere that can affect all these functions. I guess the more info I can give the tech boys at Toyota service, the quicker I can get this fixed!
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on the reversing camera issue I am having...... I have a 2014 Toyota Kluger Grande and have noticed lately that the reversing camera does not always kick in when I put the car in reverse gear and the only way I can get the camera back is if I turn the engine off and then restart. The problem is intermittant. When it first started happening, it would happen very rarely (once a month maybe) but since then it just keeps happening more and more often - to a point where it happens almost every day. Today it happened twice (on two separate trips). On one of the trips I had to reverse out of a parking spot and the camera didn't work (I didn't bother restarting the engine) and didn't work again for the remainder of that trip. When the camera fails to work, I have played around with gears - reverse, park, then reverse again, into drive, back into reverse, etc etc etc. Nothing! Only thing that brings it back is to restart the engine. I have taken the car in to be looked at and they did a software upgrade which seemed to have fixed the problem for a short time (although they did manage to wipe out ToyotaLink instead but that's been fixed since) but now the frequency is increasing again. I did take the car back to Toyota a second time but they didn't do anything because they couldn't replicate the issue. What my question is, has anyone had this happen to them? Any ideas as to what it could be? Thanks! Nat
  11. Hi Everyone! Help please! I have just bought a 2010 Aurion AT-X which has a pretty pathetic audio system in it. I would like to replace this with something that is actually fun! What I would like is.... - Bluetooth (although the car already comes with this so not sure if I should replace that as well - don't know how it works) - Screen size no smaller than 6" - USB and SD is a must - Must be reversing camera compatible (camera going in too) - Must all be able to be integrated into steering wheel. - Good music playback, artist and song name display, folders, etc etc - SatNav optional. - DVD player or TV is not a priority at all. - Needs to look good when installed. My dash is all silver. So I want a good unit but without too many bells and whistles. I would also prefer it to be a brand name. I have spoken to my local Toyota people and have gotten so many different answers and recommendations. Prices vary from $750 to $2300 but they are not able to give me any specs as to what they would be installing. If I am going to pay $2000 for a head unit to be installed, and I ask about the details of it - it is not good enough to just be told "have a look at the FJ - its a system like that". There are not a lot of details on the sound systems in the advertising. So please, if anyone has any ideas as to what would be suitable, please let me know. I just want a fairly simple system with a decent screen. I don't mind the unit having SatNav but it just depends on the availability of the maps. Thank you everyone! Nat
  12. Hi BradA, I have had the same issue with my 2014 Grande and it is driving me nuts! And the neighbours too - especially when I get home after midnight and need something out of the boot. I am not tall enough to always get things out of the hatch and it is not easy to use the door with the automatic function off. I have enquired about pulliing the plug on this noise and apparently it can be done by resetting/changing some factory settings by the service boys at your local Toyota. The car needs to be hooked up to their computers etc. I have not actually followed through with this because I have a 5 year old and it is a really good safety feature because the emergency stop function (if something gets in the way of the closing door) is not that great and would still hurt a child before it stopped. It needs a fair amount of resistance to stop that door. Hope this helps! Nat PS IMHO I probably wouldn't go playing with it myself - warranty issues, etc