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  1. Cambreezy

    The Camz whip

    Minor mods
  2. Looks good bro, but if you do have issues with it being too dark you can get brighter bulbs. Plasti dip isn't exactly made for tail lights. Which is why I recommend VHT nite shade
  3. Nah man it's permanant. Nite-Shade VHT brand. 20 bucks a can from super cheap auto
  4. Hey guys I'm in th middle of doing minor mods to my 06 camry Sportivo. My next mod I'm looking for some nice wheels preferably 19/20" I'm in the Brisbane area. Cheers
  5. Yea bro I'm aware. Lucky I knew the dude who done my tint. Receipt shows 35% so I'm good
  6. Yep same issue with me. Peels like crazy and is soft and shxt material. Finally purchased a dash mat fits in perfect from super cheap auto $35 sale! And a sun shade for the windscreen when parking in the sun. Brisbane does get hot !! Problems solved and looks better Good luck
  7. Hey man the only thing you could possibly color is the outside trim of the grill. If you take the grill off there's an outside trim which is obviously the same color as your car. Another idea. I found out for myself.
  8. 20% black window tint, new tyres 215/55R17, removed toyota badges and emblems and sprayed a matte black, also used night shade on my tail lights a nice black. Cars look damn good so far. Need some Nice wheels tho???
  9. What's happening guys and gals!? New member looking to share what I know and my ride :) cheers
  10. 20% black window tint looking sweet. all thats missing are some 20 inch wheels and sport exhaust!!! HELP guys need a bargin

  11. new brakes also arrived for front wheels and installed.also new tyres :) going to be a smooth safe christmas drive !

  12. toyota badges removed and being refurbed. got a nice matte black and the outside trim of the grill :) love the new look

  13. Just finished Night-Shade on my rear lights, already looking Bomb !!